Happy Spring! We finally have a big announcement several people have asked about: we have a hotel set for this year!


First, the big news: we have signed a hotel contract, so you can start booking rooms! Our hotel this year is the Holiday Inn Denver East in the Central Park neighborhood, east of downtown Denver. The Mysterium rate, which includes free parking, will be $121/night. The discounted rate will be available until July 20. See all the details on our Location page.


An important announcement from Quabitat for Squeemanity Director Kelly “Rayne” Coston:

Is your home feeling like it’s missing something? Maybe you need a friend? Well, you’re in luck! Due to a sudden uptick in the squee and quab population from one of Atrus’ breeding experiments that went awry, Quabitat for Squeemanity has a nice variety of pets for you to adopt! Here at Quabitat for Squeemanity, we care about the safety and happiness of your pet. So if you stop by and adopt a pet today, we’ll throw in a free, customizable habitat! That’s right! It’s free. You get to choose the patterns of the walls and floor of your pet’s new home and supply it with a plethora of decorations, customized for the optimum happiness for your pet. So stop by today and adopt a quab or squee!

Family Feud

A common thread in recent surveys has been that people like having interactive events. With that, we’re planning a Family Feud style game show for this year’s convention. However, if you’re familiar with the show, you’ll know we need survey responses. If you have a few minutes, please fill out the questions here (there are no wrong answers!). You don’t have to answer all questions, but the more responses we get the better it will be, so try to fill out any you can come up with an answer for.

Activity Book Submissions

A reminder that we’re still taking submissions for this year’s activity book. Additionally, after checking publishing needs, we have decided to extend the deadline a month to May 22. This is the same date as the deadline for event submissions. See our Submissions page for more information.

Until next time,
Mysterium 2022 Chair


Happy March! As you might have guessed, we have chosen t-shirt designs for this year.


As a change this year, we’re putting the multi-color design on the front, depicting the floating electromagnetic chamber in Voltaic, by Claire “Shoom’lah” Hummel.

The back will be printed near the neck of the shirt, and calumTraveler’s design shows the falling man being thrown from Blucifer, Denver International Airport’s famous piece of art.

For more information, see our T-Shirts page.
We received several excellent submissions, and we could only choose two, so if your design wasn’t chosen, we’d love to use it elsewhere during this year’s event.

John Keston

On a more somber note, you may be aware we lost our Gehn, John Keston, last month. Reaching the age of 97, he certainly got quite a bit out of life. At 76, he set a world record for his age group in the Portland Marathon. He continued running into his 90s, and to date still holds multiple US records for over-75 runners. Mysterium and the Myst community will always remember him, and our thoughts go out to his family. You can read his obituary in the Minnesota Star Tribune here.

February Community Prompt

It’s time to announce another community prompt winner. This time, Kelly “Rayne” Coston provided this beautiful Voltaic stained glass design. As always, you can check hers and others’ submissions on our Discord server.

Voltaic Stained Glass

Submission Reminder

We may be done with t-shirts, but submissions are still open for the activity book, events, and the writing and artwork table. See our Submissions page for details.

That was a fairly long one! We’ll have some additional announcements, including information about this year’s hotel, soon.

Mysterium 2022 Chair

Quick Update

Hello! Just a small update on a couple matters here.

T-Shirt Design Submissions

We are extending the deadline for t-shirt submissions by one week. The deadline will now be February 27. Again, we will not be able to make exceptions to the (updated) deadline. Find the details on our T-shirt Design Submissions page.

January Prompt Winner

Once again we’d like to highlight a submission to our creativity prompt: this story “Hunters of Ivory” by Talashar: Once again you can find this and others’ works on our Discord server.

That’s it for now. We’ll have some larger announcements fairly soon!
Mysterium 2022 Chair

Activity Book

Happy new year! We have a few announcements on submissions for this year’s convention.

Activity Book

As we hinted at in our last post, we plan to produce an activity book this year, similar to the digital one we released for Mysterium 2020. If you submitted a page for the digital book and would like it printed in the physical edition, please resubmit it. You may submit as many pages as you like, and since this is not a contest, the normal rules around prior public displays of the work do not apply. See our Activity Book Submissions page for details. The deadline for page submissions is April 24.

Discord Creativity Prompts

We received a number of great entries for our December prompt: “Gift Giving”. We’d like to highlight one in particular: this excellent piece of artwork by laughingpineapple:

Saavedro and Yeesha Gifts

Come check out hers and others’ talented works on our Discord server in the #submission-gallery channel!

T-Shirt Reminder

Remember: submissions for this year’s t-shirt designs are open until February 20, and once again the two winning designers will each receive a free shirt! Check out the details on our T-shirt Design Submissions page.

Email Issues

It has been brought to our attention that some emails haven’t made their way to the committee, particularly those sent from Yahoo addresses. If you send us an email (especially for any art submissions) and you don’t hear back from us in a day or two, please reach out via Discord or the Contact page on our website. Note: Event submissions are handled directly through the website, and we are not aware of any problems with that functionality. We typically don’t respond to event submissions until closer to the convention, when we begin planning the schedule.

Until then,
Mysterium 2022 Chair


Shorah! We have a few more updates before we start the new year, including opening registration for Mysterium 2022.


First is the biggest announcement for this month: registration is now open! Until May 15, early bird registration will be available at two different rates: Standard ($25) will provide admission to the event and any swag we produce, such as pins. Premium ($40) includes everything from Standard as well as a Mysterium 2022 t-shirt. We have not yet chosen a t-shirt design, so if you’d prefer to wait you’ll still have plenty of time to purchase a registration once we announce that. If you are planning to submit a t-shirt design, we’d recommend holding off on registering, since your shirt will be free if your design is selected. Details are available on our registration page.


While we are in a substantially better situation than we were a year ago, we are not out of the woods with regard to COVID-19. As such, we are planning to require all attendees to be up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations. Most likely this will mean the CDC’s definition of “fully vaccinated” at the time of the event. We will provide more details closer to the convention on logistics such as how to provide proof of vaccination.


A couple quick notes on submissions. If you submitted an entry for the Writing & Artwork table for 2020 or 2021, you will need to re-submit it for this year. Additionally, remember t-shirt design submissions are open until February 20. We’d love to see your artwork, and the two winning designers each receive a free t-shirt! See our submissions page for details. Finally, some of you have asked about an activity book for this year, similar to the digital one we produced for 2020. We are planning to put one together, but are still working out some of the details, so we can’t open submissions quite yet.

We’ll have more to announce in the new year. In the meantime, enjoy the season!

Mysterium 2022 Chair