Mysterium 2020 • August 7th – 9th • Washington, D.C.

Registration is now OPEN

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NOTE: T-shirts and activity books bought online are only available for pickup on-site by attendees. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship shirts or books.

Early-bird registration prices will be available until May 31:

  • A standard registration ($25) will cover admission for the weekend and include any available pre-registration swag (see below)
  • A premium registration ($40) also includes one Mysterium 2020 t-shirt in your choice of size and cut (unisex or women’s)
  • T-shirts may also be purchased separately for $20

Regular registration prices will be available from June 1 until July 31:

  • T-shirts and activity books will no longer be available for pre-order, but we may have a small number of extras available on-site.
  • The registration price will increase to $30.
  • No free swag will be guaranteed, but we may have extras on-site.

After July 31, all pre-registration will close. It will be possible to register at the door for the regular registration price ($30).

You can view our refund policy on our Policies page.

Badge Pronouns

We strive to ensure that Mysterium is an enjoyable and welcoming environment for all. To that end, this year we are again including a space for pronouns on our badges. This is optional, and you can leave the field blank during registration if you wish. However, we encourage everyone to include their pronouns – by sharing our pronouns, we help others feel safe doing the same and foster a more inclusive community.

Please list your pronouns in the following format: “She/Her”, “He/Him”, “They/Them”, etc.


The swag that is included with early-bird registrations has varied over the years, from conbooks to lanyards. We are still determining exactly what will be included this year, but we are planning to once again produce a set of enamel pins.

Activity Books

We are putting together a Cyan-related activity book for this year. It’ll contain pages such as word searches, coded messages, and coloring pages. Feel free to submit your own pages to the book! Submissions are open until April 19, and you can find more information here.

Description Price Remaining Quantity
Premium Weekend Badge (early bird)
Includes full weekend access, any pre-order-exclusive swag, and a t-shirt in your choice of size and fit.
$40.00 976
Standard Weekend Badge (early bird)
Includes full weekend access and any pre-order-exclusive swag.
$25.00 996
Mysterium 2020 T-shirt Extras (onsite pickup)
Get a stylish T-shirt featuring this year's logos. This is for on-site pickup only.
$20.00 1000