Mysterium 2023 – June 30 – July 2, 2023 • Spokane, WA

Registration Capacity

We are thrilled to have so many of you interested in coming to Mysterium this year! 

We have reached our maximum capacity of 250 in-person attendees, as Cyan can only accommodate 250 people. That being said, we have opened up 25 additional tickets at a discounted rate of $40 for those who are not interested in visiting Cyan. If you are interested in purchasing this type of ticket, you may do so by following this link. Additional “Standard Registration” slots may open up if people choose to let us know that they are not interested in touring Cyan on Saturday.

To that end, if you have purchased a ticket already and are interested in changing over to this type of ticket please use this form and we will be in touch with next steps soon.

For information about hotel reservations and getting to Spokane, click here

For information about the convention schedule, click here

For information about T-shirts and other swag, click here

Regular registration prices will be available from April 1st through June 16th:

  • T-shirts will no longer be available for pre-order, but we may have a small number of extras available on-site
  • The registration price will increase to $50

After June 16th, all pre-registration will close. It will be possible to register at the door for the regular registration price ($50).

Online swag sales have ended; however, we we will have extras of most items available to purchase at Mysterium.

You can view our refund policy on our Policies page, along with an addendum for Covid-related refunds in our Covid policy.

We are using a new registration system this year. Please go to to start the registration process.

2023 Reg FAQ

Are vaccines and masks required this year?

Yes. Please see our covid policy.

Is any swag included with registration this year?

Right now, the only included swag is one of our 2023 badge lanyards. However, we may decide to include other swag, depending on costs.

Am I required to provide pronouns?

Nope! Having pronouns on your badge is encouraged, but entirely optional.

Why are you asking for my Discord username?

We are planning to setup a Discord role specifically for on-site attendees. This will allow us to ping people on-site without having to ping the entire server.

If you choose to share your Discord username, please copy-and-paste from Discord to make sure any special characters and unique ID numbers are included. On desktop or browser, click your username in the lower-left, then click it again in the pop-up window to copy it to your clipboard. On mobile, open the settings screen and tap your username to copy it to the clipboard.

Why do you need my phone number?

We are collecting phone numbers this year for emergencies only. We’ve had issues in the past when doing off-site excursions where we weren’t sure if attendees had a way back to the hotel or were safe. We will never share your phone number or call you for anything other than emergency reasons.

Are there special rules for registering someone under 18?

Yes. You can review our minor policy here.

Please be sure to submit a completed parental consent form after registering a minor.

Can I edit my registration or buy more swag after registering?

Yes! With our new registration system, you can log in and make changes to your registration type and purchases at any time. Note, though, that Premium Registrations will be locked after their purchase cutoff.

Can I use the same email address to register multiple people?

Yes. Every attendee must have their own account on the registration system, but multiple accounts can use the same email address.

Do I need to bring my confirmation email?

Nope! We’ll look you up by name. We know the email says to – we’re working on fixing that.

Do I need to register to attend virtually?

Nope! Our streams are always free, and we do our best to include questions from virtual attendees on Twitch chat and in our Discord.