Mysterium Online Registration

Registration is now OPEN.

Times are tight, and we want as many people as possible to be able to attend Mysterium this year, so we’ve decided to make Mysterium free to everyone. We’re still requiring registration, though. This allows us to

  • Send you updates over email (we promise they will only be important info about this year’s convention)
  • Partially stop spammers from joining our group Zoom discussions
  • Get a rough idea of how many attendees we get this year

Please note – for legal reasons you may not register if you are under the age of 13. You are welcome to watch the Twitch streams of our events, though.

For the convention schedule, click here

For information about t-shirts, including online sales and shipping, click here

For information about this year’s special guests, click here



Thank you so much for all of your kind donations! We have received well over $2,500 :O. Together they not only offset the cost of this year and our losses for having to postpone the in-person convention until next year, but they are going to help keep Mysterium on a strong footing for years to come.

If you would still like to make a donation to us, we definitely appreciate it and will be leaving the link below open throughout the virtual convention. However, since we’re now in a good place, please consider pledging it to the Myst Doc Kickstarter. We know the folks involved personally, and we can vouch for the fact that they have an awesome documentary planned. You won’t be disappointed :).

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While Mysterium 2020 is free, we still have costs that we have to pay (web hosting, Zoom fees, taxes, etc). We have some reserves from prior years, but if you are able to toss in a few bucks to offset our costs, we would really appreciate it. You can use the Paypal “Donate” button below to do just that. Any extra proceeds will go to future Mysterium conventions.

Donate to offset Mysterium operating costs (note - not tax deductible)

Please note: The Falling Man Group, which organizes Mysterium, is not a registered charity and your donation is not tax deductible.


Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.