Mysterium 2021 Schedule

The full schedule of events will be announced closer to the convention. However, here’s a rough idea of what Mysterium weekend usually looks like.


On-site registration is closed.

There may be some unofficial socialization event(s) on Thursday evening for any attendees who arrive early. A group of people will undoubtedly head off to the hotel pool.


Registration and badge pickup will start sometime mid-to-late morning. Opening ceremonies will be sometime before lunch. The afternoon will involve some combination of activities and presentations.


Doors will open again Saturday morning (8-9am-ish). Saturday’s schedule is generally some combination of activities and presentations, along with social time. If you have a Myst/Cyan related costume, wear it on Saturday. There may be an offsite trip planned.

Any exclusive content from Cyan will most likely be presented on Saturday.


Doors will open in the morning. Generally, there’s another presentation or two on Sunday. Around mid-day, we will hold closing ceremonies, and award prizes to people. We generally try to be wrapped up by 1-2pm. Many people leave on Sunday afternoon, but some groups will probably go explore the city or meet up for lunch/dinner.