Special Guests

We’re excited to announce our first two special guests for this year’s Mysterium!

Special Guests

This year we’ll have some guests from Myst IV: Revelation. The first two we’re ready to announce are:
  • Meinert Hansen is an illustrator who served as the art director for Myst IV.
  • Katie “Kha’tie” Postma is a long-time member of the Mysterium family and the Social Media Manager for The Myst Documentary.
  • Joshua Reinstein is an editor and researcher for The Myst Documentary.
  • Philip Shane is is an award winning documentary filmmaker currently working on The Myst Documentary.
  • Guy Sprung is an actor, director, and writer Myst fans know as Achenar from Myst IV.
Check out their full bios on our Special Guests page.
We’ll have more guests to announce in the coming weeks!

Last Call for Swag Orders

Reminder that swag orders are closing June 9. We will not be selling any swag during Mysterium, so if you want any, you must order it by Sunday.

Also note, there was a mistake on the swag page on our website. It mentioned the shirts are black. That was from copy-pasting the description from last year. The images on the page do show they are light blue but just to clarify in case that wasn’t clear.

Policy Update

There’s a small change to the Conduct section of our policies. Please take a look as it will apply during this year’s Mysterium.

More special guests and this year’s schedule will be announced soon!

Annacat and Dan,
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs


Hello all! We finally have the big announcement: registration is open for Mysterium 2024!


Registration is now open. Standard registration (admission to Mysterium) will be $25, and Premium (admission plus a 2024 t-shirt) will be $40. Since we are starting later than usual this year, online registration will be available at the same price up until the weekend of Mysterium. On-site registration will be available for $30.

Important Note: We will not be selling any swag on-site this year. All swag must be ordered by June 9.

See our Registration page for more information.

March/April Prompt Winners

For the March/April topic of “Memories” we had Talashar’s story “Autumn Winds” https://archiveofourown.org/works/55416358
The visual winner was again redwoodrroad with this excellent image:

a man so blinded by painful memories of the past, by pride and vengeful wrath, he failed to see the life he could lead in the present–
–and the life he could foster for the future.

There’s still plenty of time to submit content for the May/June topic of “Blooming”.

Special guests and schedule announcements coming soon!

Annacat and Dan,
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs


Hello again! We have an announcement about this year’s merch!

Merchandise Sales

Seeing as we will be in Canada this year, due to the logistical issues with Customs and taxes we have decided all merchandise sales will be pre-order only. We will not have a swag table during Mysterium and no items may be purchased during the convention. If you want a t-shirt and/or pins, order them before we close online sales.


We have two excellent designs for this year’s t-shirts. For the front, Kelly “Rayne” Coston provided “Astron”, a gorgeous Dream image from Serenia.
On the back, we have Drew’s transit map of Serenia aka Montreal.


This year we have three pin designs:

“How do I purchase these awesome items?” you ask. Well, we’ll be opening registration in the next few weeks, and we will include orders for pins and shirts there! We’ll make an announcement when it opens. Plan on late April or early May.

Annacat and Dan,
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs

2024 Hotel

Hello! We have another major announcement: the hotel for Mysterium 2024! Read on for more info.


Mysterium 2024 will be held at the Alt Hotel Quartier Dix30 in Brossard. Single and double queen rooms are available in our block, which can be booked directly through the hotel. The deadline for booking is June 11. After that date, the hotel may release unsold rooms to the general public. For information on the hotel, pricing, parking, and booking, see our Location page.

Last Call for Pins

Pin submissions are still open until March 31. If you want to get a design in you still have a week! See our Submissions page for details.
Event submissions are still open until May 12 as well.

February Prompt Winners

For February’s topic of “Ice”, we had Harley with https://archiveofourown.org/works/53631289. The visual winner was redwoodrroad’s image of Rime:

Note: for the offseason, we are switching our prompts to bi-monthly, so March’s topic of “Memories” will still be up through the end of April.

More to announce soon, including registration and special guests!

Annacat and Dan,
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs

Event Submissions

Greetings! We don’t have any big announcements just yet (although we should have information on a hotel Soon™) but we are opening event submissions for this year’s Mysterium.

Event Submissions

Have a cool design you’d like to show off at Mysterium? An activity you think would be fun for everyone? Event submissions are open until May 12. See our Submissions page for details.

Last Call for T-Shirts

Final reminder: T-shirt designs are due February 25. The designers of the two selected entries will each receive a free t-shirt, and you do not have to attend Mysterium to submit a design. See our Submissions page for details.

January Prompt Winners

For January’s topic of “Horizons”, redwoodrroad once again took home the visual art prize with this image of Gehn:

The written winner this month was Talashar with “The Lighthouse”

We’ll have more to announce, including hotel information and con registration, before too long!

Annacat and Dan,
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs