Mysterium always has fun and quirky events. Each year, we bring back some old favorites (Ayoheek, markers, etc), and hopefully introduce some new ones! Beyond big activities, Mysterium also hosts presentations and panels organized by fellow Myst fans. Previous years have included lessons about the D’ni language, community website announcements, funny video productions, musical performances, and even a fan-developed, realtime 3D version of Riven.

If you have an idea for a group activity, or if you have a presentation or panel you’d like to run, send it our way using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

For microtalks and presentations, if you wish you may record your presentation instead of presenting live during the convention. Your recording will air during an assigned time slot. In this case, we will contact you if your topic is approved and arrange for submission of the video file.

Event Formats


Do you have something you want to present such as a costume, prop, theory, or whatever, but don’t want to put together a full presentation? This is the event type for you! Please provide an estimate of how long your presentation will last (max 15 minutes). Note: we may have to cut you off if you go over.


Up to 1 hour in length – These are larger events that are intended for viewing by the full audience. Examples: a larger fandom project; a lesson on D’ni language; a group performance piece; a panel of people discussing some topic of interest.

Group Activity

Up to 2 hours in length – Group activities such as What Would Atrus Build, Ahyoheek, Unconference, and Marker Missions are a staple of Mysterium. If you have an idea for something similar, we would love to hear it! Ideal suggestions are ones that can be held in the main meeting space or the area immediately surrounding the hotel, regardless of location.

Event Rules

Events may not be dangerous in nature, and may not cover any illegal or adult subject matter. Products may not be promoted during your event, though you may give attendees your contact information, so that they can reach you after Mysterium.

Any contests or giveaways need to be cleared with the Committee first and will be scheduled to coincide with Sunday’s Closing Ceremonies unless other arrangements are made in advance.

If you have an idea that you don’t feel fits into any of the specified event formats, pick the one closest to what you think you’ll need; we are more than willing to accommodate unique ideas!

Event submissions received by May 31 will be given priority, but we will accept submissions as late as June 20. If you have not received confirmation of your event by then, please contact us.

Submit an Event

Briefly describe your event proposal