Writing & Art Table Submissions

Do you have a piece of writing or art you would like to contribute to a table display at Mysterium? Send it to annacat@mysterium.net, and we’ll share it with your fellow fans during the convention! This is a collaboration, not a contest, and we will include as many people as possible.

Please note that all submissions we receive are considered to be licensed for our use as described in our submissions policy.


Your submission must be related to The Myst Series/Uru/Cyan/Obduction/Firmament/etc. If you have questions about whether a particular piece would be considered on topic, we would be happy to discuss that on an individual basis. Content rating should be no higher than PG-13 equivalent. Anything that isn’t family friendly will be rejected.

Your submission must be your own work. You may not submit anything that could be considered someone else’s work.

Submissions can only be accepted via e-mail, and we are not able to snail mail anything back to you after the convention. You are NOT required to be a Mysterium attendee to submit your work.

Writing submissions should be fewer than five pages long; if your piece is longer, feel free to send an excerpt or sample. You may also direct people to where they can read the full text.

Art submissions must fit on a single standard-sized piece of paper. They will probably be reproduced on a household printer, so set your print quality expectations accordingly.

You may send in multiple entries if you wish, but depending on the number of submissions we receive, we may select between them if necessary to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to share some of their work. We reserve the right to decide against displaying a piece for any reason, with or without prior notice.

With all submissions, please include the title (if applicable) and how you would like the work to be credited. Your pieces will be displayed as-is without editing, so please proofread.

Send your submissions or any questions to annacat@mysterium.net. The deadline is June 30, 2024. If you do not receive a response to your submission, please follow up in case it was lost in the shuffle.