Mysterium Registration Fees

After much research and discussion, the Mysterium committee has decided that there will be a registration fee for Mysterium 2008. The amount of the fee is yet to be determined, but we expect it to be between $10-$20 per individual. We also plan to have rates for families and groups.

Traditionally, Mysterium has had no registration fee. However, previous members of the Mysterium committee have paid for the majority of the costs out of their own pockets. We are instituting a fee in hopes of making Mysterium a more self-sufficient grassroots effort and to avoid financial burdens on present and future members of the committee. The collected fees will go to pay for such things as: hotel and conference room costs, presentation equipment, goodies and packets given out to attendees, and event reservations.

We intend to be transparent about all funds that are collected by the Mysterium committee and exactly what they are used for. The community will be able to see how their money is being used through quarterly financial statements posted to our website. We are currently determining how much money we will need and what events and purposes we will need it for.

Additionally, we plan to accept donations in addition to the registration fees for those who wish to contribute. In order to facilitate this, we intend to have a PayPal link on our website by this time next week. This is in the final process of being set up.

We’re currently planning hard in order to help make Mysterium 2008 a fun and memorable success. We will make more announcements about these topics as we determine them. :)

Thank you from your Mysterium Committee.

Mysterium Location Deadline Extension

The Mysterium committee has decided to move the deadline for bids for locations for Mysterium 2008 until Feb 14, 2008 in order to solicit any extra bids from community members to ‘sponsor’ a location. The location must be in the Eastern Standard Timezone, and this person would act as the local person to act as a point of contact, during which time they would join the committee.

Also, due to the recent, saddening announcement that GameTap is discontinuing Uru Live, GameTap’s participation in an Atlanta Mysterium is no longer viable. A Mysterium in Atlanta is still possible, with a local sponsor. We repeat, again, that this would be without GameTap’s participation.

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the position of the Local Liaison. The responsibility of the Local Liaison is to consult with the Mysterium Committee on matters relating to the locality that is chosen. This includes local attractions, places to eat, hotel information, planning logistics (areas to avoid, what we might want to be aware of, etc) and any other information that would be helpful in planning the event.

The Local Liaison should be local to the suggested location, and the location should be within the Eastern Standard Timezone. This person should be relatively aware of the details of the location, as they reside there.

The Local Liaison will become a full member of the Mysterium Committee for the 2008 planning season leading up to Mysterium 2008. Therefore, they will function as a full member of the committee for this time, attending meetings, sharing ideas, etc. It is during this time that they will help us plan. This obviously might include any footwork that would be needed to be done locally.

We would like to stress that we will not be considering any locations which do not have a local sponsor. So if you want to have Mysterium in your city and are willing to commit, please let us know!

You can email us at or

Mysterium 2008 Informal Gathering in Kirel

The Mysterium Committee invites you to an informal gathering in Kirel from 7 pm to 8 pm PST (10 pm to 11 pm EST) on Friday, January 25th. Here you can meet and greet some of the members of your Mysterium Committee as well as ask us any questions that you might have about this year’s Mysterium. After 8 pm, please feel free to join us in CyanChat to continue chatting.

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Looking for locations for Mysterium 2008

We are looking for proposals from Mystites in the Eastern Time Zone who would be willing to host Mysterium 2008 in their city. Proposals should include:

The name and contact information of a local who is willing to commit to being the local coordinator. This committee position includes locating hotels that meet Mysterium needs, finding local events and resources for Mysterium attendees, and any other committee needs that are best handled by a local person.
A rough idea of basic hotel costs in the areas, airports and public transportation available, any major events in the area during the summer that could interfere with Mysterium, an idea of mid to late summer weather.
These proposals should be emailed to us at or by February 5th, 2008.

From these proposals, we will build a pool of potential locations for Mysterium. We are also seriously examining the possibility of adding Mysterium in Atlanta, GA into the pool; possibly with GameTap’s assistance. If anyone is willing to be the Local Coordinator for Atlanta, please contact us by the February 5th date.

We are still waiting on further information to finalize the date. However, we are shooting for late July or early August, so you can begin narrowing down when you need that time off.