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The nominations for this year’s Mysterium location are now closed. We have received bids for the following cities: Atlanta, GA; Boston Providence Corridor, MA; Cleveland, OH; Detroit, MI; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Orlando, FL; Pittsburgh, PA. We’re running a survey to see which of the potential Mysterium locations has the most community interest.

Before the survey, you will be presented with some preliminary research data indicating the general cost associated with each location. We have also listed a number of attractions in and around the cities. We have compiled this data to make it easier for the community to make an informed decision as to which location would be best.

This survey will remain open until March 15th, and we will annouce the results soon thereafter. We will then begin scoping out accommodations in the chosen city with help from the city’s local contact, and then announce the hotel and date as soon as possible so you may begin making your reservations.

While your vote will be considered the deciding factor in the location of Mysterium 2008, the committee reserves the ability to overrule the top selection only in the event of severe mitigating circumstances, such as hotel availability, natural disaster, or other crisis. In this case, we will select the second-most popular location instead.

This survey will record participant’s preferences for the location, ranked from most-preferable, to least-preferable. The results will then be scaled, to give the most-preferable votes more weight, and the least-preferable the least weight. This will allow a more accurate picture of which city people prefer, and it will allow us to easily determine a second choice.

Please visit the Mysterium Location Survey to vote! You may only vote once, and duplicate votes will be detected and discard. Be sure to keep checking to keep up with any news!

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  1. I guess I’m too late for this year’s survey.
    I want to once again plead for a Florida location!
    I’m writing this in April, with the sun shining and a nice breeze blowing, temperature in the 70’s.
    Our “Shoulder Season” generally runs from May 1 through July 4. that’s the time when the tourists and snowbirds have mostly gone back home and the hotel rates have dropped considerably.
    In the Orlando area there is Disney, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and if Bible history interests you, Holy Land Experience. All are great family attractions for those misguided spouses or children who aren’t interested in MRDEU 🙂
    I did a spot check on Expedia for the middle week of May this year, and there are rates as low as $35 per person per night (Howard Johnson’s) and just about as high as you might want to pay!

    Please consider for next year!


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