Activity Book Submissions

For Mysterium 2021, we’re expanding on the digital activity book we released for Mysterium 2020. Based on Myst, Mysterium, Obduction, and other Cyan-related content, Mysterium 2021’s book will contain all submitted content for Mysterium 2020 and your new submissions. Feel free to submit a coloring page, word search, crossword, or any other activity you can think of!

Note: If you submitted a page for Mysterium 2020’s Activity Book, you do not need to resubmit your work unless you wish to update or correct it.

General Submission Rules

  • Entries must be submitted to by April 25, 2021, unless special arrangements are made beforehand. Please use the subject “Activity book”.
  • Please include the name of your page (if any), and how you would like to be credited
  • Entries not meeting submission guidelines will be rejected, and the submitter notified
  • Entries are to be kept confidential until after the winners are announced. Entries found posted in any public format prior to that date will be disqualified. (This includes publicly asking people to look at your entry elsewhere, but does not include privately asking people for help.)
  • Direct screenshots from any of the games are not allowed
  • The Committee reserves the right to make design adjustments as needed to facilitate printing
  • All submissions we receive are considered to be licensed for our use as described in our submissions policy
  • You may submit as many pages as you like
  • All puzzles should also include a solution
  • While pages are not required to match the convention theme, submissions that do are preferred.

File Formats

Our preferred file formats are: .ai, .psd, .ps, .eps, .svg

We will also accept: .png, .pdf, .xcf

Other formats will not be accepted

Design Requirements

  • Entries must be high quality (300 DPI minimum for raster images), however vector images (.svg, .ps, .eps, .ai) are strongly preferred.
    • If you choose to use a raster image, design it to fit at least an 6×9″ page at 300 DPI
  • Line width should be at least 6 pixels
  • Pages should be grayscale only