Committee Members

2008 Committee Members

These are the people who have volunteered to help plan Mysterium this year! To find out what positions they hold, see the Committee Positions page.

Each Committee member’s personal e-mail address is provided here if you wish to contact this person specifically. Otherwise, please use our feedback form on the Contact page.

Alahmnat Alahmnat (Gary Buddell)
E-mail: alahmnat [at] dpwr [dot] net
KI#: 6409780
Alahmnat is our resident Fox. He worked as a moderator for Ubisoft, and at Cyan Worlds for a time. He is responsible for creating and managing
Wolfie�s face CAGrayWolf (David Sweeney)
E-mail: cagraywolf [at] hotmail [dot ] com
KI#: 83609
CAGrayWolf, aka Wolfie, has been a member of the Myst community since January 2003. He was involved with the original Uru Beta and has been active in several projects and groups over the years. He is one of the original members of the Guild of Greeters, being instrumental in getting them off the ground, and is still very active with them today. He has been a moderator for several forums, including the Ubisoft Uru forum and GoG, and was recently promoted to moderator on the forums.
elside.jpg Eleri (C. Eleri Hamilton)
E-mail: elerihamilton [at] gmail [dot] com

KI#: 68241
Eleri discovered Myst when she borrowed it from her dad, and found herself embarking on a long journey…of tech support crazy. This did not dissuade her, and she’s been playing ever since. However, up until Uru Prologue, she thought she was alone in her fandom. What a difference a few years makes, hmm? Now she’s firmly a fixture of the community, with fingers in pies galore. Including this one.
lehsa Lehsa (L. Gonzalez)
E-mail: contact [at] elledeegee [dot] net
Lehsa has been in the Myst Community since December 1995. That year, she picked a box out of the bargain bin at Office Depot marked “Myst.” She fell in love with the game, and then with the soundtrack. Sneaking online at her parents’, she entered “Myst” into a search engine and discovered an entire community of people. Lehsa has been a member of the Mysterium committee since 2001. She’s attended every Mysterium, except those in 2001 and 2007. She helps with merchandising and has created the programs, brochures, magnets and stickers for past Mysteriums.
  Odo (Dan Capizzi)
E-mail: odoital [at] gmail [dot] com
Since Odo joined the Myst community sometime in mid-to-late 2002, he has hung around Cyan Chat, Myst Community, D’ni Explorer’s Guild, and was also a member of Ubiru. Odo joins the committee with experience planning trips and events as a mentor for his high school’s FIRST robotics team. Odo currently attends college in Rochester, NY, working toward an IT degree.
Oscelot Oscelot (Aisling Buddell)
E-mail: oscelot [at] gmail [dot] com
KI#: 7632496

Oscelot has been a member of the Myst community since late 1999. Her haunts include (/included) Cyan Chat, The Lyst, Riven Guild, Uru (Live and Until), and DPWR. She has attended Mysteriums 2000, 2003, and 2006, and been at yet more UnMysteriums, and ferried PaperPeople Rium+ and Salar to Spokane for Mysterium before. She is currently Gametap Liason, serves on the Event and Logistic subcommittees, and is terrible at writing about herself in third person.
RAWA RAWA (Richard A. Watson)
E-mail: penguins [at] inyourdreams [dot] com
KI#: 00000

RAWA is well-known in the Myst Community as the guy who moved to Antarctica for a year and learned to speak Penguinese. The penguins liked him so much that they elected him Emperor of all the penguins. He then started a war with the evil penguins living on the iceberg to the north, and continued to live happily until the assassination attempt forced him to return to his normal life and his mundane job as D’ni Historian at Cyan Worlds. Besides documenting the history of the D’ni civilization, he has also done significant research on the D’ni language. In his spare time, he fends off ice cream-eating penguins in striped pajamas.
SR388 SR388 (Brian Hagan)
Email: brianh [at] fantastdesigns [dot] com
SR388 joined the community in 1997 in Cyan Chat and the Riven Lyst, just before Riven’s release. His personal journey was started the day his best friend loaned him MYST: The Book of Atrus and it wasn’t long before he was dusting off that weird little game his brother bought back in ‘93. Thus a life-long fascination began with D’ni and other virtual worlds. He’s now teaching how to design and make video games at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
TW TW (Matt Witkowski)
E-mail: bootable [at] gmail [dot] com
KI#: 1730512

A member of the Myst community since 2001, TW has spent most of his time in the community in CyanChat. He was an Uru alpha tester, and has been an administrator at TW currently attends college in New Jersey, majoring in Computer Science, and is a former editor-in-chief of his college’s newspaper. In his spare time, he writes music, and has done so for several Myst fan-projects.