Donated by Kierra Windsong:
Handmade Relto Book won by Alatar
Conehenge set of baby cones won by Moiety Jean (2nd place tie in Heek Tournament)

Donated by Reelah:
Handmade Cleft Journal won by Kon’Dor

Donated by Hamsta:
Silkscreened Journey Cloth won by Jubie772

Donated by Ryan Miller:
Autographed copy of Inkarri by Ryan Miller won by Mysteria13

Donated by Eleri:
Heek set in Wooden Box won by Rechoortahn

Donated by Robin:
Ammonite necklace won by Robert the Rebuilder

Donated by River:
Plushie Ytram won by Whitch2

Donated by RIUM+:
Crystal RIVEN keychains Won by:
LaReh (WWAD Team 2!)
Mr. Jeeves (Marker Mission team Blue!)