Quote Book

Overheard at Mysterium 08

AnnaCat squishes a runaway blueberry on her plate
It has been admonished! ~Moiety Jean

While waiting for the umpteenth time for the ‘heek score…
The winner of the 2-2-1 is the two that won! ~Gylippus

I am not having the smell of Exploded Banana in my car! ~River

As M.Jean and AnnCat skip by in coin skirts
River: Jingleberries!
Jonas Evenstar: *pause* Are they edible?

I could never understand- I mean, it made perfect sense! ~River

The community is a mess and I just…need to…rule it. ~Alahmnat There was also an abundance of sudden choruses of Freeze Ray, and Dr Horrible laughs all weekend.

Do you have a permit to be loud? ~River

You’ve got to flow with the River, the red Rushing River…~River

None of that, now ~Alahmnat

We have a Plan ~Eleri, multiple times.

Simon Bitdiddle (To Alahmnat and Eleri): Are you guys married?
Eleri: No, but we work real well together
Deryn: Then no, you’re not married.
Also interjected “Yes, but not to each other!”

StarCat (to Simon): If I had a relto book, I’d let you do that.

Jevasi (to TSKimball): You’re really enjoying that quab, aren’t you?

You’ve just got it too kinky ~EricL

The power of the bacon compels you! ~Eleri

I’m not ever coming back to Mysterium! ~River

Don’t push me, I have a cookie! ~Anon

M@: It smells fruity now…
Alah: Like it wasn’t fruity enough already!

It seems River’s squee blower has gone limp. ~EricL

It’s suprising how many people seem to have rubbed Anubis’ belly ~Alah

M Jean: How much do you love the Myst games?
AnnaCat: I love them with the fire of a thousand suns!

Whilst speculating wildly about emergency situations, specifically spontaneous combustion…
A true Myst fan would be sure, while collapsed on the floor, to assume the position of the Falling Man, in order to leave the proper-shaped scorch mark behind. ~M. Jean

Breakfast conversational chaos between Eleri, Nisha, Simon B, IBNet, Alah, River and Oscy. Rivenchan walks in ans sits, observing…
River: Do you know you’ve walked into madness?
RChan: It’s ok, I’m just lurking.

Jevasi: Heek goes fastest with one [player].

Jevasi: I know why Sirrus made all those statues, he was inspired. cue much groaning

We are nothing if not willing to take advantage of people ~Eleri

While being supprised at all the great WWAD ideas
Eleri: We’re Myst fans! What were we thinking?
Oos: Stop licking the y’tram!

Alahmnat is violently shaking Eleri’s hat full of raffle tickets…
It’s not a stir-fry! ~Oscelot

Discussing River’s Squee Blowing…
That’s Rivers claim to FLAME!~ Memiki/Granny

Eleri: I’m showing my age…
Simon: That’s not all that’s showing…
Audience: Groans of horror, speculation on if Simon will live.

HeadOn Y’tram! Apply directly to the forhead! ~Nagi

Let me get the whip ~Eleri

Communal Quotes:

    “Get the Quote Book… RIVER! Has that gone in the quote book yet?””QUOTE BOOK!”

    “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… What happens at Mysterium gets posted!”

    “ATTENTION! Person on a chair!”

Imitating airport security…
Do you have anything to declare?
You have NO idea! ~River

Oos and Taniith singing Portal’s “Still Alive”

Church: Is there anything else we need to discuss while we’re here to get it out in the open?
AnnaCat:grinning I’ve always had a real problem with you…

Alahmnat and Jonas Evenstar singing…
These pants were made for sleeping
and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these pants are
gonna sleep all over you.

Eleri: You’re now the official Mysterium Committee Masseuse
Alah: And calligrapher
River: I’m just good with my hands, baby.

Eleri: If you see my mind, it’s off playing ‘heek with my wits and my sanity.
Taniith: Who’s winning?

This is just wrong. ~TSKimball

Chan! You’re back! And I didn’t have to ride in the trunk! ~Vaaht

River: After page 2, it’s just wine, wine, wine…
Simon: Not unlike the forums.

The bahro eat sopranos ~Keshwyn

River says something quotable, again…*pause*

I’m going to be responsible, rather than interesting. ~Keshwyn

Bring me the chocolate pages! ~Eleri

You got that in stereo, now GO! ~Simon

Tonight is collapsible. ~Eleri

I am not crunch and good with peanutbutter! ~Eleri

Simon: Eleri, could you do me a flavor?
Eleri: Butterscotch!

reaching for the tongs at dinner…
This is Ground Control to Major Tong ~Eric L

I am going to do the walk of shame in high heels, backwards! ~River

Are you done, or can I sit up now? ~Keshwyn

Odo: Are you OK?
TW: Yeah, my shoe is squeaking, and I have a garbage truck.