What happened at Mysterium 2008? Have a look at this review of Events!

Friday Night Meet & Greet

Mix and mingle with the rest of the Mysterium crowd, get to know new faces, and meet up with old friends!

Tabletop Ahyoheek Tournament

Back for another year, test your skills at this tabletop version of the wildly popular D’ni game!


TOMB was a fake Egyptian tomb activity in downtown Boston, created by a company called 5W!TS, in the grandest tradition of Indiana Jones and the Incredibly Advanced Ancient Puzzle Temple. It was a last-minute addition to the Mysterium activities list that ended up being the main event on Saturday afternoon. Over 40 attendees ended up going through TOMB in 3 groups.

We’ll leave out the nitty gritty of the puzzle solving activities, but suffice it to say it was campy yet fun. We were split into three groups of roughly 15, and led through the “tomb” by guides who seemed to be rather surprised by our puzzle-solving prowess. There was talk of our groups setting speed records for the attraction, which is hardly surprising when 15 Myst fans are packed into a room and told, “solve this”!

Attendees have added their photos of the TOMB trip to the Mysterium 2008 Flickr pool, which you can view here. If you have a photo of TOMB that isn’t in the Flickr pool, please add it and tag it with “TOMB”!

What Would Atrus Do?

Our old friend Atrus is out of the workshop and, as always, needs our help.  He’s left a number of incomplete projects on his workbench, but the trouble is, he’s not exactly sure what any of them are for anymore.  It’s up to us to figure our his various contraptions and get them working again (or for the first time).

What Would Atrus Do?, or WWAD, is a collaborative creativity contest.  Contestants are split into groups, and each group is given an hour, and a box of unique scrap parts, along with a communal pile of material, to build a device worthy of Atrus’ workshop.  The entries are presented to the assembled convention attendees, and judged by the Mysterium Committee.


There were three groups for WWAD ’08, and each created such a unique piece that the Committee was unable to select a winner.

Marker Mission

*ping*ping*ping* Its hiding around here somewhere! Can you find it? No jumping backward off of bridges required. The Marker Mission is a GPS-enabled scavenger hunt, inspired by the Great Zero Calibration Marker Missions in Uru Live.  Contestants are split into groups, outfitted with a GPS device, and given a collection of GPS “Marker” coordinates.  The first team to collect all of the Markers and return to the starting point is the winner!


Coming soon.


Come see and share in the creative efforts of the D’niverse community! From fan created art, to musical inspiration, there’s a wealth of things to see, and maybe even do!

D’ni History Quiz

Test your knowledge of D’ni history and Myst trivia!