Pins and Buttons, Oh My!


The snow is melting, and we have some swag announcements to share with you!

Enamel Pins

We got a lot of fantastic pin submissions this year! We chose four designs to have available at Mysterium.

We all began this journey with the fissure! The Fissure design is by Katherine “Squeefruit” White. You can see her work here:

The Black Ships design is by Kelly “Rayne” Coston. Her website can be found here: Geek Girl Stuff

The Scarab design is by redwoodrroad. You can visit his website at

And the Clockwork Adjunct design is by Avior. You can see their other work at:


We’re rolling out some brand-new swag items this year! One of them is 1.25” buttons, featuring art submitted by Neil Darbyshire and Kefrith. The buttons will be sold as a set.

The dome design was submitted by Kevin F. “Kefrith” Smith. His website may be found here:

The Miller Brothers and Scarab designs were submitted by Neil Darbyshire. His website may be found here:

The pins and buttons are now available for pre-orders in our registration system. If you have already registered, you can log in to your account and add these items to your cart for purchase. We will have a limited number of both sets available at the swag table at Mysterium.

Social Buttons

Speaking of buttons! We will have social buttons available for attendees, staff, and guests again this year!

Social Buttons

These darling little buttons measure 1.25” and the purpose of these is pretty straightforward. Wearing a green “yes” button implies that you are comfortable with people approaching you and engaging in conversation. A yellow “ask” button implies that you would prefer people to ask before engaging in conversation. And a red “no” button implies simply that you would like some space and to be left alone.

These buttons will be available at the registration desk at no cost. Just come up, snag one, and feel free to wear it on your badge, lanyard, or shirt. These are completely optional, just a nice easy way to communicate comfort level.

We do ask that everyone please be respectful with these. We also ask that the buttons be returned at the end of Mysterium so that we can sanitize and use them again next year. 

Stay warm, folks! We’ve got more announcements coming soon!

– Kelly “Rayne” Coston & Drea “m13”
Mysterium co-chairs

Mid-February News

Shorah everyone!
We have a couple of quick things we want to share with you.

Writing and Art Table Submissions

We’re thrilled to announce the return of the Table and submissions are now open! Spearheaded by our very own Annacat, the Table is an opportunity for folks to submit their fan work for display. Head over to the Submissions page for more information!

January Creative Prompt Winner

The Discord community has spoken! For “beginnings”, this piece was submitted by Grayson aka redwoodrroad.

February’s theme is “Heart” and submissions are still open until February 28th! Head over to our Discord server if you have a piece you would like to submit.

Covid-19 Updated Policy

We’ve modified the wording a bit to clarify what to expect during the Cyan visit on Saturday. The policy now states:

Importantly, a modified policy will be in effect for the Cyan visit on Saturday. We cannot guarantee that special guests and Cyan staff will be masked or vaccinated. We’re looking into the feasibility of streaming content from the Cyan visit for anyone who cannot attend. If you have questions about Cyan’s covid policy, please feel free to reach out to Jeff Lanctot at

Please note that Mysterium’s Covid-19 policy remains unchanged. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

That’s all for now. We’ve got more goodies to announce soon!

-Kelly “Rayne” & Drea “m13”
Mysterium Co-chairs