It’s Beginning to Looks A Lot Like Mysterium…

Everywhere you go…

Mysterium is coming up quickly and there are a few important things we need to share with you.

Registration Cap

First, registration is capped at 250 people this year. We are approaching that number now, so if you intend to come but have not yet registered, now is the time! All of the information regarding registration can be found here. If you know you are no longer able to attend, please reach out to us so we can account for you and avoid turning any more people away than we need to.

Hotel Deadline

The deadline for the hotel is very soon. If you do not have a room booked by May 28th, you will not be able to get a room in our room block or at our special Mysterium rate. There may be other rooms in the hotel available, however we cannot offer nor guarantee any special pricing for those rooms. If there are any issues with availability of the room type you are looking for before the deadline, please reach out to Odo to see if any more rooms of that type are available.

Again, the deadline is May 28th. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

Swag Deadline

The swag deadline is June 3rd. While there will be a limited number of swag items available to purchase at the registration desk, it will be first come, first served basis.

If you’re interested in placing an order for items ahead of time with your registration, please do so before June 3rd.

Listening Aids Update

Due to lack of interest, we’ve decided to not rent the listening aid devices this year.

On-Site Activities 101

We put together a great page that talks about all the fun stuff that will be available for you to do on-site at Mysterium this year! Check out the full list on this page!

April Prompt Winner

The April Prompt (“You Fool!”) winner is redwoodroad, for their drawing of Achenar, Sirrus and Yeesha playing a prank on Gehn. Congratulations!

Schedule is Live!

Shorah and happy Friday!


The schedule is now live! We had a lot of great submissions come in and have some exciting events planned for the weekend. We’ve been hard at work contacting everyone and confirming everything, so be aware (as always!) that some of the schedule may be subject to change, at this time. Nothing will be changed very drastically, however, so you shouldn’t worry about making plans around the schedule only to have it shift dramatically.

You’ll notice that much of the schedule for Saturday afternoon is still TBD as Cyan has been a biiiit busy lately, but as we get closer and those events start to solidify, we will update the schedule ASAP.

Saturday at Cyan

Logistics are still being fleshed out but the most important part is that everyone will need a badge to go to Cyan HQ on Saturday. We will open the con room early Saturday morning to allow any attendees who have not yet checked in a chance to check-in and pick up their badge.

We will not be taking badges with us to Cyan so it’s crucial to pick up your badge at the hotel before you go to Cyan on Saturday. Cyan will be checking badges upon arrival and escorting folks off the premises if anyone arrives without a badge.

COVID Policy

As a reminder, Mysterium’s COVID policy has not changed. You are still required to be masked and vaccinated, despite the policies of any governing bodies or states. This will not change, so please refamiliarize yourself with our policies which can be found here.

There are no exceptions to our policy within the convention space at the hotel.

Mysterium is next month! Ahh!!
We can’t wait to see everyone!

– Rayne & m13
Mysterium co-chairs

It’s Gonna Be May!

Shorah Everyone!

Mysterium is only two months away (cue the screaming here) and we of the committee are excited to see all of you come June 30th! That being said, we have a couple of reminders for you!


  • Book your hotel room before the closing date on May 28th. If you reserve your room after that date, the code for the rooms will no longer work and you’ll have to pay the full hotel price. Reservations for the rooms can be found here. Any further information about the hotel can be found on our location page of our website.
  • Our cut-off date for swag is June 3rd! Any orders not finalized by this date will be unavailable. There will be a limited number of swag items at the registration table available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Online Registration ends on June 16th. While we will allow walk-in registration at the door for 50$, we ask that you register before the deadline so that we can get an accurate head count for Cyan.

Which brings us to our next point…

Assisted Listening

This year, for the first time, Mysterium will be renting and offering assistive listening technology. We will be using Williams Sound PPA 457 Personal Assistive Listening System, so if you require one of these, please contact the committee through the email ASAP (by no later than June 1st) so we can compile a headcount for the use of these. During the convention, please check in at the registration desk to pick yours up, but bear in mind that we will be requiring either a deposit or a form of collateral from you.

May’s Creative Prompt

And lastly, our Prompt for May is: Spring. (Give us all the plays on words, all the puns you can think of. No holds barred pun challenge is a go!)

We’ll be coming back to you soon with more information on a schedule, our final headcount, and any other important information, so be on the lookout.

Until then,
m13, Co-Chair of Mysterium 2023

Event Submissions and More!

Shorah and happy weekend!

Mysterium is approaching quickly and we have a couple of quick announcements. 

Event Submissions Last Call

Event submissions are closing on April 29th at midnight, so if you have a presentation idea you’d like to share, please send that in! The morning of the 30th we will lock submissions and begin to finalize the schedule. If you have an event you’d like to submit, please check out the Event Submissions page.

Table Submissions Still Open

We still have openings for The Table (writing and art table) submissions! A perfect opportunity to show off your work without having to stand up in front of everyone. Please check out The Table submissions page for more information.

COVID Policy Update

As of April 18th, the FDA has simplified the COVID vaccination. Initial doses of the vaccine will no longer be available and US attendees will be considered fully vaccinated if they have received a bivalent dose as long as it was between the dates of September 2, 2022 and June 23, 2023. For more information, please check out the FDA announcement as well as our COVID Policy page.
Note: this change only applies to attendees from the United States. Attendees from abroad should follow the existing policy.

Another note: If you’ve already registered, you may receive an email from our registration system with the updated policy.

March Creative Prompt Winner

And last but not least, March’s “Idle Hands” prompt! We had a lot of great submissions, but Kefrith’s Gemedet set took the cake.

We’ve got a lot of great stuff in the works so please stay tuned!

Much love,
– Kelly “Rayne” & Drea “m13”
Mysterium Co-chairs

Mid-March Update

Things are moving along very nicely on our end, and we have a couple of things we wanted to share with you real quick.

Early Bird Registration Closing Soon!

Just a reminder that early bird registration and shirt orders close at the end of March.
Starting April 1st:
– Other swag items may still be purchased until June 3rd.
– Regular registration will be open until June 16th. Regular registration is slightly more expensive, so if you’re on the fence about coming to Mysterium, now’s the time!
Head on over to the registration page to get started!

February’s Prompt Winner

We had some great submissions for February’s “Heart” prompt!
“Shadow” Dan submitted a fantastic Exile/Undertale crossover with pixel art by Kevin F. “Kefrith” Smith.

March’s prompt is “Idle hands” and submissions are still open for that one! Head on over to the “prompt-submissions” channel on our discord server if you have something you’d like to share!
That’s all for today. Have a spectacular weekend!

Kelly “Rayne” & Drea “m13”
Mysterium Co-chairs