Event Submissions

Greetings! We don’t have any big announcements just yet (although we should have information on a hotel Soon™) but we are opening event submissions for this year’s Mysterium.

Event Submissions

Have a cool design you’d like to show off at Mysterium? An activity you think would be fun for everyone? Event submissions are open until May 12. See our Submissions page for details.

Last Call for T-Shirts

Final reminder: T-shirt designs are due February 25. The designers of the two selected entries will each receive a free t-shirt, and you do not have to attend Mysterium to submit a design. See our Submissions page for details.

January Prompt Winners

For January’s topic of “Horizons”, redwoodrroad once again took home the visual art prize with this image of Gehn:

The written winner this month was Talashar with “The Lighthouse”

We’ll have more to announce, including hotel information and con registration, before too long!

Annacat and Dan,
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs

Mysterium Dates

Hi all. We do indeed have dates for Mysterium 2024! Read on for details.

Mysterium 2024 Dates

Mysterium 2024 will be held July 12-14. We expect to have hotel information in the near future, but these dates are now official. Since this is a little earlier than usual, the deadline for Writing and Artwork table submissions is now June 30 instead of July 12.


To give people ample time to plan, we’ve decided to set a COVID policy now, at the same time we’re announcing dates for the convention. Details are available on our COVID page, but in summary:
  • Masks are required
  • Vaccines are not required

December Prompt Winners

For December’s topic of “Refuge”, redwoodrroad submitted this image of Gehn’s refuge on K’veer:

The written winner this month was Talashar, with “Dream Island” https://archiveofourown.org/works/52466749.

T-Shirt Reminder

Reminder that t-shirt submissions are open for a few more weeks, until February 25. Submit your designs! See our Submissions page for more information.

We will have quite a bit more to announce soon, including event submissions and hotel information. Hope to see you all in Montreal!

Annacat and Dan,
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs

A December Update

Hello. We really were hoping to announce dates in this post. However, we ran into a major issue with the weekend we were aiming for. This is probably a disappointing revelation, but we’re trying to minimize the cost of attending while still considering the accessibility and convenience of a location.


We are still weighing various trade-offs for dates and costs. To gauge where attendees stand, we’ve put together a brief survey that will help us make a decision. Please fill it out – it should only take a minute or two: https://forms.gle/uRVPNF2y1wvWHm7b9.

AI Content Policy

We made a slight update to our policies: we have added this line to the Submissions policy:
Submissions generated by Artificial Intelligence tools are not permitted. AI may be used for brainstorming but the final product must be your own original work. This applies to all submission types including both visual and written works.
This applies to any content that adheres to our submissions policy, including t-shirts, pins, and Discord community prompts. The full policy is available on our website.

November Prompt

There were a few ties for the month of November and the topic of “Found Family”. Normally I’d have the tie-breaker vote but due to the obvious conflict of interest, we’re just going to highlight everyone’s submissions instead of announcing winners.
redwoodrroad once again submitted a fantastic piece of artwork, this time featuring Yeesha’s found family:
We also had four stories this month:
Remember: today is the last day for December’s topic of “Refuge”.

We are still negotiating with hotels and hope to be able to announce dates soon. In the meantime, happy new year!

Annacat and Dan
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs

Writing & Artwork

Greetings from snowy Colorado! Yes, snowy. We just saw our first snowfall of the season. We have more submissions open plus another round of prompt winners.

Writing and Artwork Submissions

In addition to co-chairing this year, Annacat has once again graciously offered to run the writing and artwork table. We have decided to add a limit of 5 pages for any printouts to save the trees and wallets. If your piece is longer you may wish to direct people to a website or other location where they can read the full text. See the Writing & Art Table Submissions page for details.

September Creativity Prompt

We had some more great submissions for the month of September. This month’s written winner was Salvo Ludus with the story “The Linking Game”.
The visual art winner was Grayson aka redwoodrroad with this image of a young Gehn at his desk:
There are still a couple more days for October’s topic of “Noir”.

More announcements to come, but for now, happy Halloween!

Annacat and Dan,
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs


Hello all! We have a few more items to announce.


First, we’re opening pin submissions for Mysterium 2024. For more information see the Submissions page. Pins are not required to follow the Mysterium theme, but if you’d like to incorporate it, remember this year’s is Serenia.

August Creativity Prompt

We are continuing to showcase two winners. This month the visual art winner was laughingpineapple with “Blazing Mentor”.
Blazing Mentor

The written winner was Salvo Ludus with the story “The Bad Ending”.

September’s prompt has now closed, but there’s a whole month to submit entries for October’s topic of “Noir”!

COVID Vaccines

We wanted to give a quick notice for anyone who hasn’t seen: there is a new COVID vaccine available as of last month for the latest variants of the virus. We’d recommend everyone obtain it when you can!
Additionally, we have received reports of pharmacies no longer updating or providing vaccine cards. If you are looking for an updated proof of vaccine, then it is advisable to specifically request a card if possible, or look into electronic vaccine records if available for your location.

We’ll have more to share in the coming months. In the meantime, happy spooky month!

Annacat and Dan
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs