A December Update

Hello. We really were hoping to announce dates in this post. However, we ran into a major issue with the weekend we were aiming for. This is probably a disappointing revelation, but we’re trying to minimize the cost of attending while still considering the accessibility and convenience of a location.


We are still weighing various trade-offs for dates and costs. To gauge where attendees stand, we’ve put together a brief survey that will help us make a decision. Please fill it out – it should only take a minute or two: https://forms.gle/uRVPNF2y1wvWHm7b9.

AI Content Policy

We made a slight update to our policies: we have added this line to the Submissions policy:
Submissions generated by Artificial Intelligence tools are not permitted. AI may be used for brainstorming but the final product must be your own original work. This applies to all submission types including both visual and written works.
This applies to any content that adheres to our submissions policy, including t-shirts, pins, and Discord community prompts. The full policy is available on our website.

November Prompt

There were a few ties for the month of November and the topic of “Found Family”. Normally I’d have the tie-breaker vote but due to the obvious conflict of interest, we’re just going to highlight everyone’s submissions instead of announcing winners.
redwoodrroad once again submitted a fantastic piece of artwork, this time featuring Yeesha’s found family:
We also had four stories this month:
Remember: today is the last day for December’s topic of “Refuge”.

We are still negotiating with hotels and hope to be able to announce dates soon. In the meantime, happy new year!

Annacat and Dan
Mysterium 2024 co-chairs
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