Policy Updates

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! We have a couple quick items to announce. No, we do not have dates for Mysterium yet but are close and expect to announce that before the end of the year.

Policy Updates

We made a few changes to the Mysterium policies. Note the following:
  • We received some complaints about heckling and shouting out during presentations. While audience reactions and cheering are fine, repeatedly interrupting presenters is not.
  • Attempts to circumvent our refund policies via charge dispute may result in a permanent ban from future events.
The full set of policies is available on the Policies page of our website.

October Prompt Winners

We have our two winners for October’s community prompt topic of “Noir”. First, the visual winner angelmyst with this photo collage:


“There it stood, in all its splendor, pulling me to its craggy feet. Not just a mountain, The mountain. The mountain of my dreams…calling, ever calling. My childhood games were all compassed in its majesty. I had to see what it held.
Home, cozy and dark, it enveloped me in its depths, and held me breathless. Echos from my past played on the vaulted ceiling.
I shall never leave.
I can never leave.
I am its prisoner.”

Next, Talashar was selected as the written winner with “The Hidden Way”.
There are still a few days to submit entries for November’s topic of “Found Family”.

That’s it for this one. Again, we expect to have dates very soon and should be following up with another post in December.

Mysterium 2024 co-chairs
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