Special Guests

Hello! We are finally ready to start announcing some special guests for this year.

Special Guests

We’re ready to start announcing guests for this year. As always, all current and previously announced guests can be found on our Special Guests page.
  • Katie “Kha’tie” Postma is a long-time fixture within the Myst and Mysterium community. She is now the Social Media Manager for the Myst Documentary.
  • Philip Shane is an award winning documentary filmmaker, working on such films as Being Elmo and The Beatles Revolution. Myst fans know him for his upcoming Myst Documentary.
  • Ryan “greydragon” Warzecha is Cyan’s resident tiki bar authority. He was Head of Developer Relations for Cyan Ventures, and was recently promoted to Associate Designer on Firmament.
We have several more confirmed guests to announce very soon. We’re still finalizing bios and photos, so they weren’t quite ready in time for this post.

Meow Wolf Sensory Advisory

If you are planning to go to Meow Wolf, we would recommend anyone with sensory concerns take a look at the “Light & Noise Sensitivity” section of Meow Wolf’s Accessibility page for further information.

May Community Prompt

This month we received several great entries for the topic “Villains”, and we have our first repeat winner: Grayson aka redwoodrroad provided this excellent image of Gehn. As always, you can see his and others’ works on our Discord server.
Villains - Gehn

Family Feud Reminder

Our survey for Family Feud is still open here. Remember there are no wrong answers, and the more responses we receive the better this will be, so please take a few minutes to give whatever answers you can come up with!
That’s it for now, but as mentioned, we will have quite a few more guests to announce in the coming weeks!

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