Art and More Art

Hello again! We have more to share regarding Mysterium 2022.


First off, we’re ready to open up more submission opportunities. Event submissions as well as content for the writing & artwork table are now open. Check our Submissions page for details and deadlines.


You might notice we’re not opening pin submissions this time. That’s because we still have the designs submitted for 2020 and we plan to use those this year. Here’s a reminder of what those looked like. The first is a lamp by Xemylixa, based on the ones in Kirel and Serat. The second is a pinecone from Obduction by laughingpineapple, and finally, we have a bomb from Obduction by Rayne.

Creativity Prompts

It’s no secret there are a number of talented people in the Mysterium community. As such, we’ve decided to try something new on our Discord server. You may notice a new section titled “Creativity Prompts”. Periodically, we will post a topic and invite everyone to submit any creative works you can come up with. It doesn’t just have to be art – music, fanfics, costume designs, etc. are all welcome. The only requirements are that it must incorporate the posted topic and somehow be related to Cyan’s games. We will be applying a loose definition here, so as long as your work is in some way related, it’ll qualify. Take this as an opportunity to show off what you can do! If you’re not currently on our server, you can join via this link:

That’s all for now. We’ll have more to announce soon.

Mysterium 2022 Chair

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