Hotel Reservation Reminder and Schedule Updates

Greetings Everyone,

As Mysterium 2018 continues to approach, we wanted to share a few reminders and updates with you all.

Hotel Reservation Deadlines

Our exclusive room rate is available for booking and extension until July 4th, which is only two weeks away! Visit the Location page for booking instructions.

Please Note: When making your initial reservation, you will only be able to select a check-in as early as Friday, August 3rd and check-out as late as Monday, August 6th. If you will be staying beyond these dates, please complete this form after making your “base” reservation to request a check-in as early as Wednesday, August 1st or check-out as late as Wednesday, August 7th at our group rate. We understand this is a frustrating limitation of the booking process, but we hope the form will make this process as seamless as possible. When we have confirmed that your reservation has been extended, we will notify you via email. The change will also be reflected in your reservation confirmation details on the Holiday Inn website.

Schedule Updates

We have finalized our schedule for this year. While there is potential for unforeseen changes to occur, we are confident enough to call this finalized. Head on over to our Schedule page to have a look. You’ll find some adjustments and a new event since we posted our draft a few weeks ago.

Mysterium Unconference Topic Submissions

This year sees the return of the Mysterium Unconference, our freeform discussion groups about anything and everything. In the past two years, we’ve had some fantastic conversations about Mystunderstood Villains, D’ni Infrastructure and Transportation, the Myst/Obduction Shared Universe, and more. However, we’ve all found it hard to come up with topics on the spot.

To help facilitate the event this year, we invite fans to submit discussion topics ahead of the convention. Do you have any burning topics or theories you want to discuss? If so, please submit them using this form. Even if you are unable to attend this year, you’re welcome to submit your ideas. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


That’s about all we have for you this week. Have any questions? Looking for Room and Ride share discussions? Or just want to share your excitement for the convention? Be sure to join our Discord server or connect with us on social media.

– Mysterium 2018 PR Team

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