Mysterium 2016 Location Announcement

Back in August, we told you the dates for Mysterium 2016, but not the location. This goes against our usual policy of announcing both at Closing Ceremonies, but unfortunately there were some logistical issues we had to work out before we could announce. But now those are settled, and I am happy to announce that Mysterium 2016 will take place in:

Salt Lake City, Utah – August 5-7 2016

That’s right, we’re taking Mysterium to a new city! It should be an exciting year, and we hope you can join us.

That just about wraps up my tenure as 2015 con chair. It has been a pleasure chairing for you (yes, it’s a verb…). Thank you for helping to make Mysterium 2015 such a great success.

-Taniith, Mysterium 2015 Con chair

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  1. wonderful. My husband has wanted to go there now nothing should stop me. Great news. Where is pre-registration 🙂

    • We’re looking into using a new registration service, so we need to figure that out before we can open reg. Though we generally don’t open it until much later anyway.

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