Quick Update

Hey folks

I have a quick update for you tonight (two updates in one week?! Crazy, I know).

Pre-Registration Deadline

Now that we’ve found a local shirt supplier, we can push the deadline for pre-registration out a little to July 8. After that date you will be able to do late registration as already discussed (no shirts, no swag bags). Note that this does not change the hotel reservation cutoff of July 1.

Free Admission for Cyanists!

Do you work for Cyan? Did you in the past? Do you know someone who did? Well we’re offering free standard registrations to any Cyan employee who is interested, past or present (RIUM+ won’t lend us his Delorean so we can’t validate future employees). Just drop the committee an email letting us know that you worked for Cyan, and we’ll get you setup with a free pass to Mysterium!

Ok, that’s it for now.


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  1. That’s because it travels through time instantly, but through space it has a comparatively mundane maximum speed. And driving it from Australia to Seattle isn’t exactly easy, what with all that water in the way!

    Plus it’s not like plutonium is available in every corner drugstore. It’s a little hard to come by.

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