Mysterium Februrary Update!

Events, and Ideas.

We are working to put together a great list of things to do for Mysterium attendees. We will be providing a wide variety of events so that you can pick and choose how to spend your weekend.

Here are a few things in the works:
* Kadish Tolesa theme –
The Bevin party and decorations from last year were a big success. Following suggestion from attendees, we are going to choose an Age every year as the overall theme. This year is Kadish Tolesa. Feel free to use this as a starting place for art or other things you might do for Mysterium. But don’t be afraid to do your own thing – everything is welcome.

* Trip to Mall Of America and MagiQuest –
The Mall of America is close by with their newest MagiQuest location. A bunch of us will be heading to MagiQuest, and you are invited. MagiQuest is not your thing? Come with us and browse the Mall of America with fellow explorers.
(Did we mention that there’s an entire amusement park inside of the Mall?)

* What Would Atrus Do and Marker Missions –
These favorites from the past few Mysteriums will be returning. Team up to build gizmos from Atrus’ spare parts, or search for Markers with your friends.

* Fan Presentations –
A core Mysterium event is always the presentations from fans. We’ll be looking for fans and fan groups to come and share what they are doing and get other people involved.

* Puzzle Decathalon –
We’ll have several puzzles released all throughout the weekend for people to gnaw on in those quiet moments.

* Fan Displays –
Bring your Myst and D’ni themed art and projects to show off. Illustrations, poetry, whatever else. Also, we’ll have a ‘paper faces’ display for those who can’t be with us.

* More as we work it out!

What can you do to help?
Mysterium is looking for volunteers to help run various events during the gathering, as well as help with running errands and other various tasks. Let us know if you are going to be there and are interested.

Hold your own event or presentation!
Do you have an event for Mysterium? Maybe a party idea, or a presentation or workshop? Let us know! We’re hoping to see a variety of activities, from presentations to workshops to games.

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  1. Not sure yet.

    It will depend on several things not the least of which are amount of pre-register attendees, hotel space and individual inspiration!

    You can check out some of last year’s photos of out bevin party for a sneak peak though. 🙂

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