Looking for locations for Mysterium 2008

We are looking for proposals from Mystites in the Eastern Time Zone who would be willing to host Mysterium 2008 in their city. Proposals should include:

The name and contact information of a local who is willing to commit to being the local coordinator. This committee position includes locating hotels that meet Mysterium needs, finding local events and resources for Mysterium attendees, and any other committee needs that are best handled by a local person.
A rough idea of basic hotel costs in the areas, airports and public transportation available, any major events in the area during the summer that could interfere with Mysterium, an idea of mid to late summer weather.
These proposals should be emailed to us at cagraywolf@hotmail.com or lakem@tezhme.net by February 5th, 2008.

From these proposals, we will build a pool of potential locations for Mysterium. We are also seriously examining the possibility of adding Mysterium in Atlanta, GA into the pool; possibly with GameTap’s assistance. If anyone is willing to be the Local Coordinator for Atlanta, please contact us by the February 5th date.

We are still waiting on further information to finalize the date. However, we are shooting for late July or early August, so you can begin narrowing down when you need that time off.