Mysterium 2022 will be held in Denver, CO on August 12-14.

The schedule for the weekend can be found here.
More information on our COVID-19 policies can be found here.


Our hotel will be the Holiday Inn Denver East in the Central Park neighborhood of Denver. The Mysterium rate is no longer available; however, it is still possible to book a room at the prevailing rate.


For both attendees staying at the hotel and visiting for the day parking will be free.

Overnight guests

If you booked at the Mysterium rate, charge the parking to your room and it will automatically be comped. You will not receive free parking if you did not book at the Mysterium rate.

Local attendees/day parking

You may park in the lot by the hotel or the hotel-owned garage. You will not be charged unless you park overnight.

Local Area


Various travel options are listed below. Also see the hotel’s transportation page for information on the shuttle and parking.

RTD Light Rail

Denver’s transit system serves the airport, Union Station, and several points in the city and suburbs. For the month of August, all fares will be waived, so you do not need to worry about purchasing a ticket. For more information, visit the RTD website.


If you’re flying in for Mysterium, you will most likely be arriving at Denver International Airport (https://www.flydenver.com/), which has flights from numerous cities in the US and Canada, as well as a handful of intercontinental destinations. To reach the city from the airport, the best options are light rail or car rental. In any case, say hello to Blucifer as you leave.

Light Rail

The A Line serves DIA. Once you’ve taken the train to the terminal and grabbed your checked bag (if any), do not go outside to the passenger pickup area. Instead head back into the center of the terminal and follow the signs to the Westin Hotel and light rail. Exit the building and take the downward escalators directly in front of you. Remember services are free for the month of August so you don’t need to buy a ticket. Take the A line to Central Park station. From there it’s about a mile to the hotel. You can either walk or take the hotel-provided shuttle. See “Hotel Shuttle” below for more information.

Car Rental

If you are renting a car from the airport, then once you’ve taken the train to the terminal and grabbed your checked bag (if any), head outside to the transportation area and walk out to Island 4. Board the shuttle for your car rental agency. Note: there are a couple toll roads in the Denver area, but you will not need to take them to reach Mysterium’s location, so if the rental agency asks if you want to pay for a toll pass, you can decline. If you are planning to stick around afterwards, you may need one, depending on your destination. The main toll roads are E-470 and the Northwest Parkway, which you’d take back to the airport if you were to come from the South (in the direction of Colorado Springs) or North (in the direction of Boulder and Fort Collins).


Denver’s Union Station is served by Amtrak’s California Zephyr, which travels through gorgeous scenery, particularly between Grand Junction and Denver. Once you arrive, the easiest way to the hotel is via light rail. Follow signs to the A Line and take that to Central Park station. From there it’s about a mile to the hotel. You can either walk or take the hotel-provided shuttle. See “Hotel Shuttle” below for more information.

Hotel Shuttle

The hotel offers complimentary shuttle service within a two-mile radius from the hours of 6 AM to 11 PM. This includes the Central Park A Line station. To arrange a pickup, call the hotel at 303-321-3500 and use extension 0 for the front desk.


The address of the hotel is 3333 Quebec Street, Denver, CO 80207. See the Parking section above for details on parking during Mysterium.

Mountain Driving

This likely won’t apply if you’re coming from the East, since you’ll simply be crossing the Plains, however, if you are unfamiliar with driving in mountainous terrain, there is an important note to keep in mind on your way to Denver. Occasionally, road closures occur due to rockslides or other events. If so, follow the detour signs provided by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Do not follow your GPS, even if the route it gives seems faster. CDOT will send you on paved roads or well-maintained, safe, gravel or dirt roads. There have been incidents of mapping software sending drivers on dangerous 4-wheel drive trails that should not be attempted without an appropriate vehicle and experience on such terrain.

Room and Ride Sharing

The best way to coordinate a ride or to share a hotel room is the #looking-for-people channel on our Discord server.

Altitude and Climate

Denver is called the Mile High City for a reason (no it’s not because pot is legal*). While it’s not a high enough elevation that altitude sickness will be a concern, it is high enough that you will likely feel the effects of alcohol more than you normally would. Until you know how you’ll adapt, it’s recommended you refrain from drinking for your first 24 hours. Also drink plenty of water – more than you might think you need. Finally, the sun can be pretty intense, so sunscreen is essential if you’re spending any significant amount of time outside.

*And regarding that: no, do not even think of bringing it to Mysterium. Take a look at our policies page for a reminder.