Mysterium 2016 Schedule

The full Mysterium 2016 schedule is listed below. Outside of scheduled events, the con room will generally be open for freeform socializing, board games, discussion circles, etc.

Please note that we may make small changes as we get closer to the convention, but this should be largely accurate.

Thursday (August 4th)

Registration and meeting room are closed.

7pm – Unofficial pool party


9:30am – Registration and meeting room open
10:30-11am – Opening Ceremonies
11am – Marker Missions begin
11:15-11:45am – D’ni Clock App presentation
11:45am-12:15pm – Ayoheek Tournament Session
12-1pm – URU In-Cavern History
2:00-2:30pm – Ayoheek Tournament Session
2:30-3:30pm – D’ni Language Lesson
3:30-4:30pm – Starry Expanse Update
4:30-5:30pm – Chuck Carter (signing and meet & greet)
7:45-8:15pm – Ayoheek Tournament Session
8:15-9:30pm – Mysterium Un-Conference


9:30am – Registration and meeting room open
9:30am – Morning announcements
9:30am – Marker Missions regrouping session
10-11:30am – What Would Atrus Build
1:30-2:00pm – Ayoheek Tournament Session
2-3:30pm – Chuck Carter presentation
4-5:30pm – Cyan presentation
5:30-6:30 – Mysterium Plays <Adventure Game>
6:45-7:45 – Gemedet Tournament
7:15-7:45pm – Ayoheek Tournament Session
8:30-10pm – Escape Room sessions (prior signup/payment required)


9:30am – Registration and meeting room open
9:45am-10:15am – Ayoheek Tournament Finals
10:30-11:45 – Mystitech Productions screening
11:30am – Marker Missions End
12pm – Closing ceremonies/prizes/feedback session