Getting To Mysterium 2016

So you’ve finally landed in Salt Lake and have collected your luggage. Time to get to the hotel! As a reminder, the hotel’s address is:

Best Western Plus Cottontree Inn
10695 Auto Mall Dr,
Sandy, UT 84070
Phone – 801-523-8484

By Airport Shuttle:

The hotel has a deal with a local airport shuttle company, but you need to reserve your shuttle in advance. Call Express Shuttle at 801-596-1600 at least a day in advance to schedule. You will need to give them your plane’s arrival time, and call them again once you land. The cost is $18 each way. Don’t forget to reserve your return shuttle, if needed.

Rent A Car:

There are a number of rental car companies to choose from at the Salt Lake airport. You can see a full list here: It is then roughly a 20 mile drive to the hotel.

By Public Transit:

Salt Lake City has a robust public transit system that you can use to get to the hotel:

  • Walk to the Airport Station and hop on a Green Line train (TRAX Light Rail – 704). They should arrive roughly every 15 minutes. Don’t forget to buy a ticket before boarding, and hold on to it until your ride is over.
    • Last last train of the night departs at 11:27 PM (Mon-Fri) and 11:16 PM (Sat-Sun)
  • Get off at North Temple Station (~15 minutes). Transfer to the Commuter Rail (Southbound – 750 Frontrunner).
    • Last train of the night departs at 12:05 AM (Mon-Fri) and 2:03 AM (Sat night into Sun morning – does not run during the day on Sunday)
  • Get off the train at South Jordan Station (~30 minute ride). Once there, you can call the hotel at 801-523-8484 and ask to have the hotel shuttle pick you up.

Total travel time is around 50 minutes, and the cost is $3.10.

An alternate route is to transfer from the Green Line to the Blue Line, and get off at the Sandy Civic Center before calling for the shuttle. This route will take longer, but does run on Sunday.

For more information about Salt Lake’s public transit system, including hours and fare information, you can visit the Utah Transit Authority’s website here:


What about Ridesharing apps?

Both Uber and Lyft are available from the Salt Lake airport, if you wish to use them.

What if I’m arriving by Amtrak train?

By public transit, you can either get on the Frontrunner Commuter Rail (southbound) or the Blue Line TRAX at Salt Lake Central Station. From there, it is the same at above.

You may also be able to schedule an Express Shuttle ride from the Amtrak station, but you would need to call them and ask.

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