Getting To Mysterium 2015

So you’ve finally landed in Boston and have collected your luggage. Time to get to the hotel! As a reminder, the hotel’s address is:

Boston Marriott Burlington
One Burlington Mall Road
Burlington, MA 01803
Phone – 781-229-6565

Cheapest option:

Silver Line to Red Line to 350 Bus – $2.10, 1.75-2 hours transit time
(Caveat: Leave the airport by 9:20pm to be sure to catch the last 350 bus in time)

(Caveat 2: Keep in mind that public transit can get crowded, so if you have a lot of luggage this may not be the best option)

  • Go outside and find the big T in a circle sign that mentions the Silver Line. This is a bus that will take you to the subway for free! And the subway will be free too. You’ll just need to buy bus tickets when you get to Alewife Station. (Note that the Silver Line is only free from Logan Airport, not from anywhere else)
  • Wait for and board the SL1 to South Station. When the bus gets to South Station (25 minutes transit time), get out and follow the signs for the Red Line in the direction of Alewife.
  • Wait for and board the Red Line train towards Alewife. Alewife is the end of the line, so just stay on the train until then.
  • When the train gets to the end of the line at Alewife station (21 minutes transit time), take the escalator up to the station’s main floor. Do not take the escalator at the other end of the platform that goes to “Russell Field”. Find a Charlie Card/Ticket vending machine. Use it to buy a ticket with a couple of bus rides (one to get to the hotel and one for the return trip). We recommend you just get the $5 flat amount, as the return trip will cost a little more because you will need to pay the higher price of the subway ($2.65 vs $2.10).
  • Follow the signs in Alewife to the place to wait for the 350 bus. Here is its schedule (you should look at the “Alewife Bus Station” column to see what times it will arrive to pick you up). When it arrives, get on it with your bus ticket (you insert it into the slot and take it out again).
  • Signal for a stop and exit the bus at the “Burlington Mall Rd & Marriott Hotel” stop–that’s after the “Lahey Clinic 2” stop (estimated 34 minutes transit time).  You can always ask the driver if you’re worried about not noticing your stop. You should be basically outside the hotel now!

What if it’s after 9:20pm, or if that sounds too annoying/long/complicated?

  • Take a look at the alternate options below, or
  • You could follow the directions up through arriving at Alewife, but instead of buying a bus ticket, call a cab or use Lyft/Uber to get from Alewife to the hotel. This should work as long as you leave the airport by midnight (before the subway shuts down). Some taxi companies near Alewife:
    • Classic Cab – 617-492-0555
    • Ambassador Brattle Cab – 617-492-1100
    • Arlington Taxi – 781-999-3772
    • Cambridge Taxi – 617-649-7000
  • Instead of a taxi, you might also be able to arrange a ride from Alewife in advance from another attendee with a car. Take a look at our Rideshare Forum.

Alternate option:

Logan Express and a taxi/Uber/Lyft – $12 + taxi fare, ~1 hour transit time (longer during rush hour)
(Caveat: The last shuttle leaves the airport at 1:15am)

  • Wait for and board the Logan Express to Woburn outside your terminal. Tickets are purchased on the bus. You can find out more about the Logan Express here.
  • When you reach the Anderson Regional Transportation Center at the other end, you can either get a taxi, or call an Uber/Lyft. It should only be ~10 minutes to get to the hotel from here once you get a car. Again, some attendees have also indicated that they would be willing to shuttle folks from the station to the hotel, so you might want to arrange something on our Rideshare Forum in advance.

Some taxi companies in Woburn:

    1. Bombay Taxi – 781- 254-7868
    2. AA Taxi – 781-228-9144
    3. Woburn Cab Company – 781-933-5000

Expensive but Simple Option:

Airport shuttle – $69, ~40 minutes transit time (longer during rush hour)

  • You can pre-schedule an airport shuttle with Towncar Shuttle by calling 617-834-5511

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if it is after 1:15am and none of the public transit options are running?

Unfortunately, Boston doesn’t have a 24-hour public transit system. If your flight gets in too late, you’ll either have to wait until services start running again in the morning (5:30am for the Silver Line/6:30am for the Logan Express), or get a taxi/Uber/Lyft/airport Shuttle from the airport.

What if I’m arriving via Amtrak train?

You will most likely arrive at South Station. Your best bet is to go with the “Cheapest Option” above, starting at the step where you board a Red Line train toward Alewife. Note that in this case you are paying full price for the subway ($2.65 each way), so you’ll want to get more than the $5 on your Charlie Ticket.

There are other options, but they are rather complicated. Ask in the Rideshare Forum if you want more info about them, or take a look at Tanshin’s page below.

What if I’m driving, or if I want to see even more options from the airport?

Tanshin has put together a page of driving directions and even more transit options over here:


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