Mall of America Exploration & MagiQuest

Attendees were welcome to coordinate trips to the Mall of America throughout the weekend. The MagiQuest live-action roleplaying center in the mall offered discounted entry to Mysterium-goers in conjunction with the recently-announced MagiQuest Online, a game produced by Cyan Worlds for Creative Kingdoms.

What Would Atrus Do

More information coming soon.

Ahyoheek Tournament

More information coming soon.

Kadish Vault Party

Attendees rocked the meeting room like it was 9666 (that’s a D’ni history joke there).

Costume Contest

More information coming soon.

Presentations & Panels

OHB (Friday, 11:00 AM)

OHB detailed his Uru-related projects, including OHBot and an effort to translate Uru into multiple languages.

Starry Expanse (Friday, 2:00 PM)

Zib redlektab introduced attendees to the Starry Expanse Project, an effort to build a realtime 3D version of Riven, in a similar vein to realMyst’s reproduction of Myst.

Myst 101 (Friday, 5:30 PM)

In this round-table discussion, newcomers to the Myst series had an opportunity to discuss and learn about the intricacies of the games and their lore with Alahmnat, leader of the Guild of Archivists.

Psychology of Myst (Saturday, 11:00 AM)

More information coming soon.

D’ni Language (Saturday, 2:00 PM)

K’laamas introduced attendees to the basics of the D’ni language, including its alphabet and rules of grammar.

Myst Fantasy Casting (Sunday, 1:00 PM)

News that a Myst movie was in the making spawned this round-table, where attendees discussed their personal picks for which Hollywood stars should be cast as whom.


  1. Hi, The DreamStitche here,

    Just wondering if you’d like a volunteer at your event. I attend most SF/Fantasy/Anime conventions around the 5 state area, and usually bring my ‘Costume Emergency First Aid Station’, where I help repair last minute costume mishaps for con-goers, free of charge. I have been costuming professionally for over 40 years, and am well known in the TC costuming community.

    I find my ‘First Aid Station’ a great way to meet people, as most costumes seem to need at least a safety pin or something, during the con. I also find it’s a great way to provide a gathering place for costumers, where we can sit and chat, and ‘talk shop’.

    I have just registered for an weekend pass. Let me know if you’d like me to bring ‘The Station’.

    Looking forward to my first Myst event

    Rae Lundquist (a.k.a. The DreamStitcher, a.k.a. Agent of D.O.O.M. – local Sf/Fantasy/Anime costume guild)

    • Hi, Rae! Deb Jones here.
      I had no idea you a Myst fan too. See you there this weekend. 🙂

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