Mysterium 2010

Mysterium 2010 was held in Minneapolis, MN from August 5th – 8th at the Park Plaza Hotel, with 35 people in attendance. The weekend included events such as What Would Atrus Do, a Marker Mission, and the Ahyoheek Tournament. There were also some great panels, including the announcement of the “Starry Expanse” project, a fan-led effort to build Riven in a realtime 3D engine, and a lesson on the D’ni language from K’laamas.

Attendees also got the chance to check out the Mall of America and MagiQuest. Creative Kingdoms, the company behind MagiQuest, was gracious enough to provide Mysterium-goers with coupons for free play time at their store. Why the interest in MagiQuest? Well, Creative Kingdoms contracted with Cyan Worlds, Inc. (whom you may have heard of) to build MagiQuest Online.

Videos from Mysterium 2010 can be found on our Youtube playlist.