• Drew Van Camp – The Writing Project
  • Bobby Kanaeaupuni – D’ni Legacy
  • George Chastain – UbiSoft
  • Richard Watson (RAWA) – Cyan, MUDPIE sneak peek
  • Tina Buck (Scraper) – presented for Steve Ogden’s new EP album

Carlsbad Caverns

All attendees took a walking tour of Carlsbad Caverns on Saturday, and some had lunch in the underground cafeteria! Many returned later in the day to watch the nightly bat flight program, where tens of thousands of Mexican free-tail bats leave the cave for their nightly meals.


Sunday, fans gathered in a nearby park to play an improvised round of EDGE (“Extreme Disc Golf Experience”), a form of Disc Golf played with natural targets (such as trees) rather than the more traditional metal baskets. The sport was a favorite pastime of many Cyan employees during Uru’s development.