We have published the schedule for Mysterium 2024! Read on for details.

Special Guests

We have a few more guests to announce:
  • Mary DeMarle is an accomplished game writer whose portfolio includes both Myst III and Myst IV
  • Patrick Fortier has a number of gaming titles under his belt, including serving as the creative director for Myst IV
  • Sebastien Yelle is now a teacher, but way back when was a level designer for Myst IV
Check out all the guests’ full bios on the Special Guests page!


Our schedule is now live! We’re still filling in details on a few events, but we’re ready to release the 2024 schedule to the world. See the Schedule page for all the details.


As you’ll see on the schedule, we’re bringing back a few long-standing Mysterium traditions we’d put on a shelf for a few years. One of these is Unconfererences. If you don’t know what those are, they’re a set of mini-conferences on topics decided by attendees. Pitch your topic and get people interested so they want to join! That said, we need topics for people to choose from. If you have an unconference topic you’d like to discuss, fill out the form here.

Marker Missions

If you can’t make it to Mysterium this year, don’t feel left out! We’ll be hosting an in-cavern marker mission beginning at 3:30 PM Eastern Time the Friday of Mysterium. Curator, Rayne, and Yuki will also be streaming whatever shenanigans they manage to get up to at that time. For more information, see the Marker Missions page (note: you will need to follow the setup instructions in advance if you want to be able to join on time).

Last Call for Writing & Artwork Table

Annacat is still accepting submissions for writing and artwork, but these will close Sunday. If you’d like a work displayed at Mysterium, make sure to get your submission in before then. For more information, see the Submissions page on our website.

Riven 2024

Some of you may be aware that there was a remake just released of a certain Cyan game. Not everyone has had a chance to play it yet so we’re going to discourage any discussion of spoilers from the new game at Mysterium. That said, Cyan’s presentation will likely contain spoilers, and we cannot control every conversation people have.
We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Montreal in just two weeks!
Annacat and Dan, Mysterium 2024 co-chairs
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