2023 Wrap-Up

Wow, y’all! That was quite a weekend!!
First of all, an enormous thank you to everyone who came to join us at Mysterium this year. We had a record year and the largest crowd Mysterium has ever seen! It was truly a pleasure to be able to celebrate 30 years of Myst with you all.


Every year we try to make Mysterium a little better. To that end, we’ve put together a survey to gather your thoughts and feedback. Please take a moment and fill it out! The Survey.

Photos with Rand

Did you have your photo taken with Rand? Great! We will have digital copies available until the end of July. The group photo we took at Cyan is also up here, so please snag your photo while they’re up! The Photos.

Friends of Mysterium

We’ve got a lot of great folks at Mysterium who make some pretty amazing things. And they need your help!

Dan’s Good Cookies

If you visited Cyan this year, you probably got to enjoy one (or three) of Dan’s amazing cookies! He has also put together a survey and would appreciate feedback from you! Dan’s Survey.
What was your favorite kind of cookie?


Did you participate in one of the Unwritten sessions over the weekend? Are you interested in playing more? Good news! They launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a sourcebook called Modern D’ni! This book expands beyond the initial core rulebook diving deeper into the present-day era of the Cavern! They even have an exclusive hardcover of the Core Rulebook as a reward for one of the tiers which was previously only available during the initial Unwritten kickstarter. Check it out over at Kickstarter.

Video Game History Foundation

Ok we have to admit, that was one of the coolest presentations we’ve ever seen! In case you missed it, the amazing folks over at the Video Game History Foundation are working directly with Cyan to restore, digitally archive, and preserve their entire video archive. Yes, this includes the old VHS tapes with original Riven footage. However, they need funding to achieve this remarkable goal. More information may be found here: Video Game History Foundation.

Whew! What a weekend!
Post-con blues are a thing, folks. Please be kind to yourself. Hydrate. We love you.

And hopefully, we’ll see you again next year in Montreal! Wait, Montreal? In case you missed it, yes! We will be in Montreal next year! Take a look at the announcement here!

Rayne & m13 signing off as
Mysterium 2023 co-chairs

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  1. Going to Mysterium for the first time was amazing. I am so glad to attend with my granddaughter. She is now obsessed with playing the games. Getting to meet Rand and Rawa was something that I wanted to do for years. And seeing Cyan headquarters was awesome. I met wonderful people too.

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