Submissions Call!

Hello Mysterium attendees and friends!

It’s submissions time, and this year, we’re calling for three types of submissions:

Art Contest

Our art contest for this year is a poster art contest. We’re looking for travel posters to go along with the theme “A Fantastic Voyage to Magical Worlds”. A great example is Robert’s beautiful Age 233 art from last year:

Think about those beautiful NASA posters, or classic Disney attraction posters. We’ve got very special plans for these posters!

Contest deadline: April 14


The Conbook is a glossy, full-color mini magazine featuring your Myst, Uru, and Obduction themed works. The conbook takes artwork, photos of crafts, works of fiction, or Myst/Obduction/Cyan-related non-fiction articles.

Conbook deadline: June 9


Events at Mysterium range from favorite group events like ayoheek, marker missions, and building competitions, to panels and presentations put together by you: the fans.

Events deadline: June 9

Follow the links above to see detailed submission instructions. The Committee is really looking forward to what you come up with!

Capella & OHB
Mysterium 2017

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