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Greetings all!

We have a quick update for you tonight, so let’s get to it:

Room & Ride Share

Several people have asked if we are bringing back the room & ride share forums this year. We are, and you can find them here: They can be used for a number of things related to cutting down the cost of attending Mysterium, including:

  • Offering space in your hotel room to split the cost
  • Asking for hotel roommates
  • Finding people arriving at the same time or on the same flight, so that you can share transport to the hotel
  • Finding someone doing a road-trip to Mysterium that might pass near you
  • Finding other attendees to explore Salt Lake City with before and after the convention
  • etc

We hope the forum is helpful!


Once again, the Mysterium committee is reaching out to our talented community for Myst-themed items that can be given away as prizes at this year’s events. We are always fortunate to get a great variety of prizes – from Riven jewelry, to handmade books, to custom shirts… attendees always love the things the community graciously donates.

If you are interested in donating a prize, please email Thanks in advance to all who do!

Chuck Carter on Kickstarter

You may recall from a previous announcement that Myst artist Chuck Carter will be a guest at Mysterium this year. Well, his studio just launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming game, ZED. It has a very Myst like feel, and from talking to Chuck I think it’s safe to say that Myst fans will be very interested in the game. You can learn more about the game from the video below, and you can become a backer of the game at their Kickstarter page:

That’s it for tonight!
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