Mysterium 2016 Logo Contest & Update

Shorah Friends!

It’s that time again! Get your Wacom Tablets ready, because today we are announcing the theme for Mysterium 2016, and kicking off the logo contest!

Theme Announcement

The theme for this year’s Mysterium will be the Gehn’s 233rd age!

Logo Contest

As mentioned above, today we are kicking off our annual logo contest! Submissions are due by February 15th, 2016. You can submit either a front design, a back design, or both. More information about the design requirements and where to submit your entries is available at the logo contest page.

Even if you are not an artist yourself, please pass the contest details along to anyone who might be interested. We look forward to seeing what people come up with!

Other News

Fun fact: I am not the Convention Chair this time, but rather the PR monkey (Mangree? Bah’ro? Let’s go with Bah’ro). We’ve brought in some new blood! Well, new old blood, but I digress…

This year, the Mysterium Committee is being co-chaired by M@ and K’laamas. If you’ve been to Mysterium in the past, then you probably recognize those names. They’ve been attending for many years, and now they are moving from attendee to committee. We’re all excited to see what they come up with, and we hope you are too!

We’ve been quiet thus far, but work is progressing behind the scenes. If you’d like to be involved in the planning this year, or even in future years, please be sure to drop us a line.

That’s it for the moment, but we should have more news for you before very long!

Mysterium 2016 PR Bah’ro

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  1. Me and some friends would love to visit the Mysterium Con but yeah..
    We live in Germany :c

    I hope that you will have much fun c:!

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