And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Not that we have actual sponsors, mind you. But I would like to call out some companies that we have done business with this year. We’re happy with their end products, and we think they deserve some love from us. First up, shirts!


Remember kids, this is what you get when you use a cell phone to take pictures.

The shirts are in, and they look great! We’re trying something new with the shirts this year. Instead of the standard type of screen printing that can feel weird and that can deteriorate (known to the pros as “plastisol”), we got our shirts printed with a specialized water-based ink in a process called “discharge printing.” It means that, once you wash your shirts, the fabric will be smooth to the touch and the design should never come out for the life of the shirt.


We used a company called Mint Printworks up in Nashua, NH this year. Their setup is pretty snazzy, and they are lovely people.


Next up, posters! We got some beautiful 11×17″ posters printed at a local print shop called Connolly Printing, based out of Woburn, MA.

Anyone who registered before the early bird cutoff will get a free poster and tube with their swag. For anyone else, they will be available for $5 (with tube) on-site while supplies last. We’ve had some folks ask about buying these and having them shipped. We may offer that as an option, depending on how many are left after the convention.


Next up, another piece of swag. Dejobaan Games has graciously offered to give *everyone* who pre-registers for Mysterium a free Steam key for their game, Elegy for a Dead World. Elegy is a game about writing (and reading) fiction while exploring worlds filled with long dead civilizations, which we think will appeal to many Myst fans.

Full disclosure: I have worked for Dejobaan in the past, and played a minor role in the creation of Elegy.

One last fun thing for you. You may recall I mentioned an activity we’re doing this year that we’ve codenamed “Escape the Age.” Well here’s a little spoiler of one small component of that. Better brush up on your D’ni numbers!

To wrap up, I have a few reminders. The Room and Ride Share forum is still available for those of you that need a place to sleep or are figuring out how to get to the hotel. You can also still submit paper people or pre-register for Mysterium until July 24th. We are just about done writing the convention schedule, and hope to have that available to you by the end of this week. Otherwise, I’m all out of things to say.

Until next time,

-Taniith, Mysterium 2015 Chair

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