Some News

Hey folks

So, it probably looked like the whole committee fell into the lake for a while there. Sorry about that! We’re going to try to be more active getting news out from now on (hold us to that, and complain if we aren’t.. you have my permission*).

On the hotel front, we are getting closer to booking a hotel for the Con. Treasurer Odo is working hard to negotiate a great deal for us (keeping registration fees and room costs as low as possible). We hope to have some more info on that in the next couple of weeks.

On the website front, don’t you just love our new website? It looks so different, right? Right?! Ok, fine, it’s the same old website, but now with accurate information! Alahmnat got us a fresh running copy of the site, and I’ve spent the past several hours digging through all the content in an attempt to bring it all up-to-date. Let me know if you find any problems or old info that needs updating.

On the events/presentations front, we are putting out a soft-call for events. We’ll make a larger announcement with all the normal guidelines and dates later, but I want to get the ball rolling now. So if you have some ideas for a presentation or event, head over to the events page and send it to us.

On the communication front (man, this is a lot of fronts…), you will find a new (hard to notice**) link on the right of the main Mysterium page for our new mailing list. We’ve finally gone ahead and setup a ‘real’ mailing list that we will ping with occasional news. I know we had an email submission form on our splash page this fall, but if you still want to be on the mailing list we ask that you please sign up again. You can do that here. I’m going to email everyone who signed up before later tonight with that link (rather than opt everyone in to all of the lists myself). Also, stay tuned to this blog. It will still be the place for the latest and most frequent Mysterium news, and I’m hoping to start keeping it going with some insight into what we do behind the scenes to put this thing together.

Finally, on the FMG front, we have some news. As you may know, OHB has been the Chairman of the Board of the FMG since it was formed this past summer. For personal reasons, he has decided to step down from that position. Please join me in wishing him luck, and thanking him for his work on getting the FMG and Mysterium 2012 going these past several months. I’m told this means I get promoted from Vice-Chair to Chair now. Hopefully I can hold this crazy ship together until August…

Seriously though, feel free to contact me or anyone else on the board/committee if you have need to do so. This is your convention, we just make it happen! Until next time,

To the honor of our Tubers,
-Taniith, FMG Chair

*Oh man, why did I say that?
**The moral of this story: Never send a technical artist to do a web designer’s job

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