Convention Book Updates

Shorah everyone,

As the person in charge of publications on the Mysterium Committee, I would like to offer a few exciting updates on our print materials.

As some of you may know, Mysterium uses a service called MagCloud to provide on-demand printing for our publications. This helps up keep costs down, and provides you with excellent, magazine-quality books which can be ordered at any time. By lucky coincidence, MagCloud’s birthday is close to Mysterium, and as a result, we get to pass along some special MagCloud deals each year to coincide with our little gathering. Until July 31st, all Mysterium publication purchases are 25% off!

MagCloud has also just come out of beta, and as part of that move, they are now offering shipping to any international location. If you live outside of the US, UK, and Canada and were interested in buying a copy of the Mysterium 2009 Convention Book or the Mysterium Cookbook, you can now order away!

All Mysterium print publications are available through our MagCloud store. All proceeds from sales go toward funding the convention.

We’re also thrilled to announce that as a result of our partnership with MagCloud, the Mysterium Convention Book is now available for free on Apple’s iPad! Just download MagCloud’s free iPad application, and search the magazine store for Mysterium!

The Mysterium 2010 Convention Book will be available later this week for purchase or download. All attendees who pre-registered for Mysterium will receive a copy of the Convention Book for free as part of their registration. If you are planning to attend but did not get an opportunity to pre-register, keep an eye on the Mysterium store at MagCloud for a chance to buy a copy before you leave! If you are unable to attend, you are still welcome to order a copy of the book for yourself. Like last year, there is some great content in it from fellow community members, and it’s a great way to show your support for Mysterium. Buy one. Hey, buy three! (™ lonelyto25)

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  1. As soon as my new budget allows I will be getting all three (last year’s Con Book and Cookbook, and this Year’s Con Book). To anyone else here in a similar situation on credit debt being un-manageable thanks to the new laws…check out I’m now on track and will be debt free in five or so years :-D. Maybe I can budget in Mysterium for next year now.

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