Deadline Reminder

Greetings all

This is a quick reminder that several deadlines are coming up:

Convention book submissions are due April 29th, which is in just a couple weeks! Thus far, we have had zero submissions. So if you have something that you’d like to share with the community through the conbook, please submit it! You can get all the details here:

A few days later is the submission deadline for events, panels, and other activities on May 1st. You can get those details here:

Finally, don’t forget that registration is currently open! You can buy your badges and t-shirts here:

That’s it for now, but keep an eye peeled over the next few days. We’ll be announcing an exciting special guest that will be at Mysterium this year!

Mysterium 2016 PR Bah’ro

Logos and Conbooks and Travel, Oh My!

We have a bunch of info for you today, so I’ll jump right into it:


We are happy to announce our selection for T-shirt logos. We got a number of great submissions this year, and we want to thank everyone who submitted. The logos for the shirt this year were made by Claire Hummel (aka Shoom’lah):





You can get more info about the shirts, including how attendees can purchase them, here:

In addition to those two, there were two other submissions that we have some non-shirt ideas for. The first is from Zib Redlektab:


Zib’s gonna zib.

And the second is from Robert Barnett:


Wouldn’t this be a great poster? Or post card?

Travel Info

We are still finalizing hotel details, but we’ve prepared information about getting to and around Salt Lake City. You can find that here: That page will be updated over time, so be sure to check back again closer to the convention.

Convention Books

As always, we will have a souvenir convention book for attendees who buy an early-bird registration this year. The conbook is a showcase of the amazing creativity of the fandom. If you write, or paint, or knit, or do anything other creative work related to Myst and Cyan’s other games, please share it with the rest of us! Conbook submissions will be taken until April 29th. You can find out more details about how to submit here:

Until next time!

Mysterium 2016 PR Bah’ro

Conbook Submissions Are Open!

Shorah All

First, a very special welcome to anyone who is hearing about us because of the Arisia conbook. We hope to see some of you at Mysterium!

Things are moving right along with planning for this summer, so that means it is time to open up submissions for the Mysterium Convention Book. As with last year, we’ll be printing a digest-size conbook – 5.25″x8.25″. It will be a magazine-quality, full-color glossy publication printed through an on-demand print service. You can see (and order) examples of our older publications in our MagCloud store.

The goal of the conbook is to showcase the awesome creativity of our fandom. Are you a painter? Or a writer? Or a sculptor? Maybe you knit Squee plushies? Whatever you create, we want to see it and share it with the world! If you would like to submit something to the conbook, you can check out all of the submission guidelines at this page.

You will be fully credited in the book, and retain all rights to your work. The submission deadline is June 5th, but space is limited so be sure to submit early. As a reminder, our theme this year is Todelmer. Your submission doesn’t have to be focused on that theme, but it is a good place to start if you need ideas.

The conbook will be available to everyone who purchases a full weekend registration by June 15th as part of your ticket price.  So be sure to register! And don’t forget to snag one of our awesome T-shirts while you’re at it!

Finally, I just wanted to make a quick reminder that event submissions are currently open. If you have ideas for a panel, presentation, or other fun event, be sure to submit them!

Until next time.

To the honor of our tubers,
-Taniith, Mysterium 2015 con-chair

Keep your Mysterium schedule with you with Guidebook


We’ve published a handy Mysterium guide through Guidebook again this year, which includes an up-to-the-minute convention schedule, tips on places to eat near the hotel, and activities around Spokane that may interest you. The Guidebook app is available on iOS and Android, and a web-based version is available for those with other mobile devices. You can use the QR Code on the left in the image above to get the app, or just search the App Store or Google Play Store for “Guidebook”. Once you’ve got the app, you can scan the QR Code on the right to download the guide, or you can search within the app for “Mysterium 2014”.

If you’re already on a mobile device, or you’re looking for the web-based version, you can get links to the app and the guide by following this link:

With Guidebook, you can be guaranteed to always have the most up-to-date copy of the event schedule for this weekend, and get updated if something changes. You can also set reminders for specific events that you want to be sure you don’t miss, and make notes about your experience, all from within the app.

Convention Book submissions are open!

Shorah b’shemtee everybahro and space pinecone lovers!

2014 is shaping up to be an awesome year for Mysterium, and we want to celebrate the amazing community that makes it possible by bringing back the Mysterium Convention Book for our 15th anniversary.

This year, we’ll be printing a 5.25″x8.25″ book for better portability. As with our older books, it will be a magazine-quality, full-color glossy publication printed through an on-demand print service. You can see examples of our older publications (and order your own copies if you want!) in our MagCloud store.

If you have a piece of artwork or short story that you’d like to see featured, check out this page for submission guidelines. You will be fully credited in the book, and you absolutely retain all rights to your work. The submission deadline is May 31st, but space in the book is limited, so get your submissions in soon! As a reminder, our theme this year is Riven, and it’s our 15th anniversary. You don’t have to follow the theme to have your content included, but if you need ideas, that’s a good place to start.

The convention book will be available to everyone who purchases a full weekend pass by July 4th as part of your ticket price. If you haven’t already, be sure to register, and while you’re there, check out our awesome t-shirts!

See you at Mysterium!