Mysterium 2010 Schedule!

Mysterium 2010 Preliminary Schedule!

You’ve asked and we’re delivering!

Here is the tenetive schedule for this year’s Mysterium!

6-8 Early Explorer Gathering.

8-10 Room Set up
10-11 Official opening- Heek 101
11-12 Presentations/Speakers – OHBot
12-1 lunch
1-2 WWAD
2-3 Presentation/Speakers – zib_redlektab
3-4 Meet & Greet
4-5 Dinner
5-7 Myst 101
8-? Bevin Party

9-11 Marker Mission
11-12 Presentations/Speakers Psycology of Myst
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Heek Final Round
2-5 Speakers Jack Wall Interview
6-7 Dinner
7-? MQ

11-12 Costume Contest
12 -1 Lunch
1-2 Presentations Myst Fantasy Casting
2-3 Awards/Closing

*Schedule is subject to change.

Other activities include open Heek tables, presentation tables, and group gatherings.

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  1. Anyone planning on arriving earlier than 6 pm on Thursday? My flight is due to arrive shortly after Noon (no choice), it would be nice to meet up with other early-birds while waiting for my room to become available. If so, please PM me on Uru Obsession’s forum. Thanks!

      • I am already here. I am at Rogers at daughters. Not sure where to meet up with anyone. It the early explorer gathering still on?

        • Hey Memiki,

          The early explorer meeting is still on. It’ll be this afternoon from 6 to 8 at the hotel pool. Odo is already there as well, and I’ll be getting in around 5:00. See you soon!

          • great thanks Alahmnat was not sure if that was still on. Will head that way from here, I don’t swim but sure can sit and watch and meet every one. I would go earlier if I thought I would see Odo, or anyone else. Maybe if I just stand in lobby and look pitiful.

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