Con Book Submissions!

Mysterium 2010 Convention Book Submission.

Once again share your pictures, poems, D’ni recipes, fond memories of URU…
give us your submissions for the 2010 Convention Book!

Help us with this year’s popular edition!
We are looking for for URU inspired stories, art work, photos, sculptures, drawings, homemade Age renders or screenshots, stories, poems, songs, recipes for D’ni dishes… anything you’d like to showcase to the community! Check out last year’s book for ideas. As with last year’s book, we will be making it available for purchase online after the convention for those who were unable to attend.

We are asking for everyone to please resubmit your entries if already submitted.

Get in your entries ASAP! Dead line is end of the month- June 30th!!
Guidelines: … tion-book/Church

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