Not Set In Stone Schedule – 2008


Noon– Registration open game signups open
4pm– Ahyoheek Rounds
5pm– Field Trip Sign Ups open
6-8pm– Meet & Greet at Hotel
7pm– Age Writing Tutorial (in hotel room)

10am-3pm Field Trips

New England Aquarium– $20 Adult

Peabody Musuem– $9 Adult
Freedom Trail Walking Tour -$12 Adult

4pm Marker Mission- Begins at hotel
4pm Displays open
7pm WWAD
8pm More ‘heek

10am-Noon Round Tables
Noon– Heek Finals
1pm Presentations
2pm-4pm Memorial, Closing & Awards

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  1. Hi!

    Any way of telling where the meet and greet is going to be? (The hotel? Some other location?) I couldn’t get off work so I am commuting in and will arrive in Boston around 6:00 pm, and need figure out where to go from the train station.

    Similar request for WWAD on Saturday. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for posting the tentative schedule!

    I’ll be driving from the DC area on Friday and will hopefully be there well before my age writing tutorial. In case I run late, who should I call: the hotel, or one of the organizers?

    And how can I arrange for a projector and screen? Should I contact the hotel, or will Mysterium have one rented for this event?

  3. Shorah! Since I can only attend on Saturday, will I be able to show my GoW/GoMa New Ages slideshow that evening? If so, I have the same question as RtR concerning projector and screen.
    Is there any way to contact Mysterium-ites at the hotel on Friday night? I’d like to find out if there’ll be anyone else (besides me) passing on the field trips and either staying at the hotel or at nearby attractions. If there’s no one there until 3 to 4 PM, I’ll wait until that time frame before driving up. Thanks.

  4. Can’t make it for a variety of reasons, but wanted to let you know that it’s a shame 5-Wits isn’t on the schedule. It’s the closest thing to a real-life Myst experience and wonderful with groups between 5 – 20 at a time. Seriously, you will all be kicking yourselves if you don’t go while in Boston:

  5. Hi! Thanks for posting the tentative schedule!

    I noticed that the presentations are not scheduled until Sunday afternoon at 1pm. Given people will most likely have to start their travel home before then, is this day/time set in stone? I would think Saturday would be the preferred day for the most people to be able to attend the presentations, as they would be traveling from quite a distance. Unless, of course, there is some special reason for it to be on Sunday? (only time room available, presenters only available then, etc.)

    I like Seg’s idea about 5Wits, too. Maybe you can add that to the Field Trip list?

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