Mysterium 2016 Registration Open

Greetings all,

I am happy to announce that pre-registration for Mysterium 2016 is now OPEN! You can get all the details here:

We will have information on the t-shirt logos sometime soon. Remember, the deadline for logo contest submissions is this coming Monday.

We will also have information about the hotel sometime soon. Negotiations are taking longer than anticipated, but we expect to be in our usual price range for guest rooms (somewhere around the $99-$119/night range).

That’s all for now!

Mysterium 2016 PR Bah’ro

Mysterium 2016 Logo Contest & Update

Shorah Friends!

It’s that time again! Get your Wacom Tablets ready, because today we are announcing the theme for Mysterium 2016, and kicking off the logo contest!

Theme Announcement

The theme for this year’s Mysterium will be the Gehn’s 233rd age!

Logo Contest

As mentioned above, today we are kicking off our annual logo contest! Submissions are due by February 15th, 2016. You can submit either a front design, a back design, or both. More information about the design requirements and where to submit your entries is available at the logo contest page.

Even if you are not an artist yourself, please pass the contest details along to anyone who might be interested. We look forward to seeing what people come up with!

Other News

Fun fact: I am not the Convention Chair this time, but rather the PR monkey (Mangree? Bah’ro? Let’s go with Bah’ro). We’ve brought in some new blood! Well, new old blood, but I digress…

This year, the Mysterium Committee is being co-chaired by M@ and K’laamas. If you’ve been to Mysterium in the past, then you probably recognize those names. They’ve been attending for many years, and now they are moving from attendee to committee. We’re all excited to see what they come up with, and we hope you are too!

We’ve been quiet thus far, but work is progressing behind the scenes. If you’d like to be involved in the planning this year, or even in future years, please be sure to drop us a line.

That’s it for the moment, but we should have more news for you before very long!

Mysterium 2016 PR Bah’ro

Mysterium 2016 Location Announcement

Back in August, we told you the dates for Mysterium 2016, but not the location. This goes against our usual policy of announcing both at Closing Ceremonies, but unfortunately there were some logistical issues we had to work out before we could announce. But now those are settled, and I am happy to announce that Mysterium 2016 will take place in:

Salt Lake City, Utah – August 5-7 2016

That’s right, we’re taking Mysterium to a new city! It should be an exciting year, and we hope you can join us.

That just about wraps up my tenure as 2015 con chair. It has been a pleasure chairing for you (yes, it’s a verb…). Thank you for helping to make Mysterium 2015 such a great success.

-Taniith, Mysterium 2015 Con chair

Mysterium 2015 Wrap Up – Part 3

We’re getting to the end of our post-Mysterium blog posts. I have a few things for you today.

First up, we’ve uploaded all of the videos we recorded this weekend. You can find the Youtube playlist here.

Next, we’ve put together a survey to help us get feedback from all of you. You can find it here. All questions on the survey are optional, but please be as detailed as you can. The more you tell us, the more we can tweak Mysterium to be a great experience!

The survey can be taken both by people who attended this year, and by those who couldn’t make it. So, please spread it around to any of your friends that might be interested in attending Mysterium at some point.

Finally, a reminder to please send us links to any photo or video albums you may have from Mysterium 2015, so that we can share them with everyone.