• lonelyto25 & Alahmnat – Spetznaz
  • Alahmnat – DPWR.NET
  • Sepdet – Myst Journal
  • SR388 & Alahmnat – The Writing Project



  • Best Poem: Tanika
  • Best Short Story: Sepdet


  • T’rehsah, for her Channelwood masks


  • 1st Place: Erithan
  • 2nd Place: Rebecca


  • Best Singer (tie): sepdet, M’lah Sifay, Tanika
  • Worst Singer: lonelyto25

Known Songs:


On Friday, various small groups of attendees explored the historic district, including a stop at the Liberty Bell. Saturday consisted of a morning trip to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, where attendees got a tour from Sepdet. In the afternoon, fans visited the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Uru Sneak Peek

Saturday evening, Cyan Worlds held a surprise presentation at a separate hotel: a live demo of Myst Online! Rand Miller and RAWA connected from Spokane, and led everyone on a brief tour of the Bevin neighborhood and Eder Kemo, followed by a Q&A session and several rounds of Ahyoheek. The event was made possible with the help of local “Choru” beta tester IMForeman.


Sunday saw the annual pilgrimage of Mysterium attendees to a local park to play disc golf.


  • Farthest Throw (total distance): The Mysterious1’s dad
  • Farthest Throw (flight only): Keeta
  • Straightest: Lord Hydronium
  • Best Style: Kirsehn
  • “I was robbed!”: Rivenchan & Salar