Mysterium 2000

The inaugural Mysterium in 2000 was held in Spokane, Washington, from July 28th – 30th at the Ramada Inn on Newport Highway. Over 200 people attended the weekend-long meet-up, and Cyan hosted an open house for most of the day on Saturday. Attendees were able to get a good look at the Stoneship Age from the then-upcoming release of realMyst, as well as sneak peeks at Myst III: Exile and what would eventually become Uru (then still code-named “MUDPIE”). The information in this section was recompiled from accounts originally produced by Scraper for an older version of the Mysterium website.

For more information, check out this archived copy of an old Mysterium website.

Videos from Mysterium 2000 can be found on our Youtube playlist.