Cyan’s Kickstarter: Obduction

Obduction Concept Art

Greetings, Myst fans!

Have you been longing for a new game from Cyan? Well, now is your chance to help make it happen! Cyan is currently about half-way through the fundraising time on their Kickstarter campaign to develop Obduction, a new realtime adventure game that will be built using the cutting-edge Unreal 4 graphics engine. They’re trying to raise at least $1.1 million, and still have about $350,000 to go as of this writing. If you haven’t pledged yet, get to it! If you already have, please spread the word! With Mysterium coming back to Spokane next year, we’d love it if Cyan had something new to show off when we visit their offices, and we’re sure you would too :).

Click here to check out the Kickstarter!

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