Wrapping Up Mysterium 2009

Ah, another Mysterium has come and gone with its own memories and stories to tell! After allowing everyone a chance to recuperate from that weekend, the Committee has some final bits of information to share with you about this year’s event.

We want to let everyone know that, in spite of few delayed cases, reports seem to indicate that everyone has recovered from the mysterious bug that began circulating on Saturday night. As far as we know, no Cyantists reported sick, and we are checking with the hotel to make sure the staff is okay. We’re going to be making a list of sanitary supplies to have on hand to help reduce the chance of something like this happening again for Mysterium 2010 and beyond.

Hotel Review
We had an amazing hotel staff for our event, there’s no doubt about that! If you haven’t already, we would ask that everyone who attended would show their appreciation by giving them a glowing review. We don’t think anyone can deny that they deserve at least that much from us. You may use the “Comment about your Stay” page at Choicehotels.com, and be sure to enter WA215 when asked for a hotel code.

Silverwood Refunds
Good news on the Silverwood front! They have promised us a 100% refund. The only downside is that it will take nearly a month to get a single check processed and sent back to the Committee. At that time, Odo, our Treasurer, will mail personal checks to all the individuals who signed up for Silverwood. In the light of this, we’d like to ask everyone who signed up for Silverwood to email Odo (odo@mysterium.net) to make sure that their mailing address information is accurate! We don’t want to accidentally leave anyone out.

Photo Galleries
We have been gathering links to galleries of photos taken by Mysterium goers and we would like to maintain a permanent list hosted on Mysterium.net! To make things easier for you, we have scoured the forums and compiled a list of galleries and videos that we were able to find. If you find that your gallery is missing, you may email GermanShepherd (germanshepherd@mysterium.net) to be included! (Or you may email him to have your links removed, if that’s your wish.) You may visit the list here: http://www.mysterium.net/mysterium-2009/photo-galleries/

We would also like to remind everyone that there is an official Mysterium 2009 Flickr Group Pool set up for people to post their photos to! You don’t need a Flickr account to view the pool, but if you have an account and you took photos that you want to share, we encourage you to add your own Mysterium memories to the pool. (It may not immediately apparently, but the pool will also accept videos, so feel free to share those, too!) We may also be contacting you directly to ask permission to post your photos to the Flickr pool ourselves, in case you don’t have the time.

We are pleased to announce that the 20-page Mysterium 2009 Convention Book and 12-page Mysterium Cookbook are both available for purchase on MagCloud for those who wish to do so. The Convention Book is available for $5.00, and the Cookbook is available for $8.40. (If you’d like to save some money, MagCloud is holding a 20%-off sale from now until August 31st, so before that date the cost is $4.20 for the Convention Book and $7.92 for the Cookbook.) All proceeds from the purchase of these books will go toward funding future Mysteriums.

Because the Cookbook was originally promised as part of the Convention Book and needed to be separated due to cost and size constraints, we would like to offer the Cookbook to those who attended at a discounted price. If you attended Mysterium 2009 and would like a copy of the Mysterium Cookbook, please contact web@mysterium.net so we can send you the appropriate link.

Both the Mysterium 2009 Convention Book and the Mysterium Cookbook can be purchased online at http://mysterium.magcloud.com. Please be aware that MagCloud presently only ships to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

On The Horizon
Since so many people were feeling the effects of the sickness on Sunday, prize distribution was canceled. However, we are going to Plan B in that regard and we are looking into mailing the prizes to the winners. We are also working to make additional t-shirts available for purchase online by anyone who was unable to get one. In addition to that, we’re also beginning to prepare a wrap up poll that will allow you to give feedback on how this year’s Mysterium was handled as well as allow you more opportunities to shape future events! We expect to have more information on these things in the near future.

And with that, we hope everyone had a great time at Mysterium this year (even in spite of that nasty bug) and we look forward to seeing you again in 2010!

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