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So, it’s November now, and I realize we’ve been pretty quiet despite the promises that we’d be far more on-the-ball with planning than things have been in past years.  Well, we’re working hard to make up lost time now, and are busy planning Mysterium 2009.  We expect to have a couple of polls out within the week that you can participate in to drive the planning process for next year.  The first poll will be going out to everyone who registered for Mysterium 2008 in Boston, to get one last feedback push from them on how we did.  The second poll will be open to everyone, and will be soliciting feedback on what you as a community would like to see in 2009.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!

– Alahmnat

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  1. We’re actually still working on the questionnaire for the 2008 survey, and that should be out either late this week or early next week. It turns out it’s easier to ask people what they want to do than it is to figure out what they thought about specific things they’ve already done (that, or we’re just really bad at writing poll questions ;)).

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